Reseller Guide

Thanks for helping your end-users purchase GitKraken! Here is a reseller guide with purchasing and user license management information.

Note: GitKraken Pro only accepts credit card payment.

However invoicing is supported for GitKraken Enterprise. If you are required to pay via invoicing, reach out to for an Enterprise quote.

1. Create an account

First create a GitKraken account by navigating to

  • Do not use the GitHub option. Fill out the form instead.

  • Do not enter end-user information on the registration form. Resellers should register with their own email.

2. Choose a plan

After account creation, select the corresponding tab to choose your plan.

If you are a reseller, please choose the GitKraken Pro plan. License management is only available with GitKraken Pro.

3. Enter billing

Next, enter the billing information.

Note: GitKraken Pro only accepts credit card payment.

However invoicing is supported for GitKraken Enterprise. If you are required to pay via invoicing, reach out to for an Enterprise quote.

Once the purchase is complete, you will be emailed a copy of your receipt.

Note: End-users will not receive any user license information until you add them as a user.

4. Change your license type

To remain as an unlicensed billing contact, edit your Ownerlicense and check the Does not use a license box. This will make 1 license available to be reallocated to an end-user.

To remove yourself from the account completely, first complete Step 5 before reviewing the removal instructions in Step 6.

5. Allocating licenses

To allocate user licenses, please follow these steps:

Adding Licenses

  1. Log into

  2. Click Organization [Your organization name]

  3. Under the Manage Users section, click

  4. Enter the user email address

  5. Select the user role
    • Owner: All permissions granted. No one but the owner can remove the owner
    • Admin: Add or edit users plus manage billing
    • User: General user
  6. Click to finish

There are no keys or license files to share with the users. Instead once you click the button, users will receive an email invitation with a link to activate their account.

Here is a separate set of instructions you may use to notify your end-users about their GitKraken licenses:


You have been successfully allocated a GitKraken license! Please check your email inbox for a GitKraken invitation from with the link to download the GitKraken client.

Once downloaded and launched, please setup a password for your GitKraken account. Your username will be the email address that received the GitKraken invite.

If a user does not see the red PRO icon in the bottom right, have them log in again.

6. Transfer ownership

Navigate to Organization [Your organization name] Settings.

Here you may transfer ownership of the account to another existing user.

7. Managing subscriptions

If you choose to stay on the account and remain as an Admin on the account, you will retain access to this GitKraken account. This will allow you to execute license upgrades or yearly renewals at any time.

If you choose to remove yourself from the account, you may always request your end-user add you back as an Admin with the Does not use a license option checked true. This will allow you to temporarily execute license upgrades or yearly renewals.

For full details on updating an existing subscription, please review the Manage Account section.


Can I pay with a Purchase Order?

We only accept credit card payments. You may submit a Purchase Order to but it MUST INCLUDE the credit card details. Any PO with Net 30, Net 45, or Net 90 payment terms will be immediately rejected.

I will pay using a credit card, but I need the credit card details removed after purchase.

Please email with any request to manually remove billing details from an account. We typically fulfill these requests within 1 business day.

I just purchased. Where is my key? Shouldn't I get emailed a license?

While GitKraken is a downloadable client, there is no key for your account. All licenses are managed from Additionally, any users you add to your account will be emailed a link to activate their account automatically.

Are licenses transferable to other users?

Yes. You can reallocate a license to a different user at any time by managing your subscription.

Can I use my GitKraken Pro license on more than one computer?

Yes, your GitKraken Pro paid subscription is associated with your email address, not a specific computer. So you can use GitKraken Pro on as many computers as you'd like!