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GitKraken Boards and GitKraken Timelines will sunset at the end of 2022. Please read our full announcement and FAQ to learn more.

GitKraken Boards column automations allows cards to automatically be updated when certain actions take place. This can help automate processes that always need to be done manually. Automations can take place when:

  • A card moves into a column
  • A card leaves a column
  • A card is created in a column
  • A card has been in a column for <x> days

When a card is edited by an automation, the activity will show the change was made by GitKraken Keif on behalf of the user who caused the automation to take place.

GitHub automations are seperate from column automations. You can see more about configuring GitHub Automations here.

To work with automations, you must be an Owner or Admin on the board. For Pro users, there is a limit of 10 automations per column. For Free users, there is a limit of 1 automation per column. For all users, there is a limit of 100 automations per board.

Note: Automations are not available for GitHub Synced boards.

Add an Automation

There are three ways to add a column automation:

  • Select the icon at the top of a column
  • Select the icon at the top of a column and then Add Automation
  • Select Board Settings > Automations

Set the column you would like to create the action for and select Create an action. You will need to set when the automation will run and the action that will take place. If a field is being updated, the field and value will need to be set. You can then Add the automation.

Multiple automations can be configured. The order they take place can be rearranged by dragging and dropping the automations. If an action will not run due to the order, you will see the below prompt. GitKraken Boards will attempt to fix it for you when selecting Auto-fix.

Delete an Automation

To delete an automation select the X on the right-hand side and then Delete Automation.

Example Automations

When a card moves into a column, assign the user who moved the card and set a Due Date to the card 5 days after the event.

Archive cards when they move to the Done column.

Add a Stale label when a card has been in a column for 10 days.