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Board Features

GitKraken Boards and GitKraken Timelines has sunset at the end of 2022. The below information and features may be out of date. Please read our full announcement and FAQ to learn more.

GitKraken Boards represent your on-going projects. Below you can explore all of the features available or quick dive to a specific topic.


With your board now created, you can define the steps of your workflow by adding columns.

Add Columns

Click , give it a name, and hit .

Quickly drag and drop columns to rearrange them.

Edit or remove columns

To edit, click the vertical ellipsis menu on the righthand side of the column From here, you can rename, delete, archive all cards on the column, or archive the column itself.

Archive All Cards will only archive the cards in that column, but not the column itself.

Archive Column will archive the column and all the cards in that column.

To view archived columns and cards, or to unarchive them for changes, check out board settings.

To collapse or expand a column, select the or icon next to the column name.


You can now begin adding cards for tasks that need to be completed.

Add a card

Click or , type a name for your card, and hit .

Your card will appear above, so you can quickly enter the name of your next card.

Tip: When creating a card, try including @user or #label in your title to automatically assign a user or label to the card! It's super handy.

Edit a card

Click on a card to add additional details.

For a full look into how to customize cards with details pertinent to your unique workflow, check out card features.

Duplicate a card

To duplicate a card, hover over the target card and click on the icon. Then click Duplicate.

Move a card

Moving a card from one column to another can represent the progress of a task throughout your workflow! Drag and drop a card between columns to move a card.

To move a card from one GitKraken Board to another, click the vertical ellipsis menu on the card and access the Move option.

Move will prompt you to select the board and column you wish to transfer to card.

Remove a card

To remove a card, you can either delete it or archive it.

Click the vertical ellipsis menu on the card to access the Delete or Archive options.

You may also Delete a card from the card edit menu through the ellipsis in the upper right.


You can add a card divider from the dropdown or by adding --- in the beginning of a card name.

Dividers can be moved just like a card with click and drag. To remove or delete the divider, hover over it and select the or icon.

Board Settings

Click the icon to access board settings.

Privacy & Security

GitKraken Boards offer public, organization, and private board settings to fit the needs of your project and desired work flow. Learn how these settings work here.


The Users panel displays the list of current users, invited users and teams.

Include additional users by selecting the in the Users panel.

Manage invites

Manage the permissions and access of each user invited to your GitKraken Board by clicking the icon.

Click the icon to remove the user from the board.

Feature access based on permission status is listed below:

Role Permissions View Edit Admin Owner
View Card
Add Card
Edit Card
Move Card
Archive Card
Delete Card
Add Comment
Edit Comment
Delete Own Comment
Delete Any Comment
Add Column
Rename Column
Move Column
Archive Column
Role Permissions continued View Edit Admin Owner
Delete Column
Add Board Label
Edit Board Label
Delete Board Label
Add Board User
Remove Board User
Edit User Role
Rename Board
Archive Board
Delete Board
Change Board Owner


Labels provide the ability to categorize your cards or visually represent intermediate actions. Once labels are created in the labels panel, they can be populated onto related cards in the card edit panel.

Add labels

Type a name for your label, select a color, and hit

Edit labels

Click to edit a label.

Finish editing and hit

Delete a label

Click .

Click to confirm the deletion.


Create milestones for big projects and associate them with specific cards on a board. Think of these as single-use tags that group a collection of cards by due date.

Create milestones

To create a milestone, select Add a milestone

Give your milestone a name, select the target completion date, and provide a brief description of the milestone before selecting

Now you're ready to assign a milestone to any card with board.

Manage milestones

Once created, you can manage your milestones in the following ways:

  • Close an existing milestone that is now complete
  • Open a milestone that has been closed
  • Edit will allow you to update the title, description and/or date of the milestone
  • Filter to quickly see which cards are part of this milestone
  • Delete a milestone

GitHub Milestones

Seamlessly track projects across platforms by syncing your boards with your GitHub repos so if you close, edit, or delete your Milestone in GitKraken Client or GitHub, you can see the updated reflected immediately across both systems.

Learn more about GitHub Sync.

Pull Requests

Pull Requests are available in board settings for users with Owner and Admin permissions, and supports linking GitHub pull requests with GitKraken Boards cards. Check out this video to learn all the benefits of this robust feature.

To access Pull Requests, click the Connect to GitHub button, login to GitHub, and authorize GitKraken Boards.

Once connected, select the repo(s) you'd like to connect to GitKraken Boards through the dropdown menu populated with your GitHub hosted repos. Connect to as many repos as you wish!

Map out your automation process by selecting which column in a board you want a card to be moved to when a pull request is:

  • Opened
  • Closed & Merged
  • Closed
  • Merged

After settings up your integration, start linking cards to your GitHub pull requests by accessing the Pull Request section on a card's details.


In the Background panel, you may choose a background preset or enter a link to an image hosted on the web. This feature may also be accessed directed from the interface.

If entering a link from the web, be sure the file URL ends in either .png, .jpg, or .jpeg for best results.

Custom backgrounds are global. All users with access to your board will view the custom background image. Only those with owner or admin status has access to change the background of a board, though any user can opt out of viewing the background by selecting the hide option illustrated below.


Board activity tracks the following board actions from all users:

  • Card activity
  • Cards actions
    • Moving between Columns
    • Renaming
    • Archiving
    • Deleting


You've set default global notification preferences in Glo Settings, but if a particular board requires specified attention, Notifications in Board Settings will be your go-to for this flexibility.

The Notifications setting will state the global notification pattern you're currently subscribed to and will give option to override the global settings in exchange for notification settings specific to the board that you are currently on.

Elect to Override default notification setting to adopt a custom notification preference for this board. Checking the box for this field will populate action options for the new custom notification setting for this board.

Once a new notification option is selected, the board will follow the new customized settings and you will receive notification for that board based on the specifications.

To view all boards in which you've enabled custom notification settings, click the Manage notification settings at the bottom of the Notifications panel to be redirected to Glo Settings.

Under Notifications, manage the boards that have custom notifications currently enabled by selecting Modify to edit or Reset custom settings to replace custom settings with the global preferences specified in Glo Settings.


Webhooks are available to add to a specific board by users with Admin or Owner access to a GitKraken Board. They allow you to create applications that subscribe to GitKraken Board events.

If you're a developer looking to create an application that subscribes to GitKraken Boards, look no further!

Calendar Feeds

Keep track of your task schedule from the palm of your hand with Calendar Feeds!

Learn about this dynamic GitKraken Boards integration here.


In the Archived panel, you can elect to view archived individual cards or archived full columns by toggling the headers.

To restore the card or column back to the GitKraken Board for edits, select

To remove the card or column from archives and delete from board settings, select