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Calendar View

GitKraken Boards and GitKraken Timelines has sunset at the end of 2022. The below information and features may be out of date. Please read our full announcement and FAQ to learn more.

GitKraken Boards lets you set due dates on cards, and view the workload in a calendar view. There's a lot of power here, so let's break it down.

Calendar View

Click the icon in the upper righthand corner to swtich to the calendar view.

Cards with Due Date values get placed on the calendar.

Add a Card

Click on any day to create a card with this due date. Type the card name, select the column, and and hit .

Drag and drop the card to change the due date.

Edit card

Card details will appear on the right when you click on a card. All the card features are here too.


Card labels will show as colored bars.

To view the full label, click on the card to access this information from the card details.

Card List

Click the Card List button to pull out a list of all the cards for your board.

Your list will be grouped by column, and filtered by cards with no due date. However you may update your filters from either of these fields.

Drag and drop cards from the Card List to automatically assign due dates.

Due dates filters

You can do some fancy footwork with due date filters. Here's what's avaialble.

Functional Requirements

Filterable fields: created, createddate, due, duedate.

Supported qualifiers: >, >=, <, <=, after:, before:

Filter by exact date

Use a date or one of the strings: today, yesterday, tomorrow . - due:2018-12-31 - due:today - due:yesterday - due:tomorrow


You can add an operator before the date. after: is an alias of > and before: is an alias of <. - due:>2018-12-31 - due:after:2018-12-31 - due:<2018-12-31 - due:before:2018-12-31 - due:>=2018-12-31 - due:<=2018-12-31

Date Range

You can use a combination of before: and after: or use a string made of this/next/last + week/month/year. prev and previous are aliases of last. - due:after:today due:before:2018-12-31 - due:thisweek - due:nextmonth - due:lastyear - due:before:nextweek

Relative from today

The format is next/last + amount + days/weeks/months/years. - due:next3days - due:next3weeks - due:next3months - due:next3years - due:last3days


Due to how negation works, you will also have to include has:duedate if you only want to see items that actually have a do date, since not having a due date counts as a match for all negated due date filters. - -due:today - -due:today has:duedate

Calendar Feeds

Wish you could take Calendar View with you everywhere? View your tasks in the big picture of your schedule by creating a Calendar Feed and importing it into your calendar app of choice!