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Filter Syntax

GitKraken Boards and GitKraken Timelines has sunset at the end of 2022. The below information and features may be out of date. Please read our full announcement and FAQ to learn more.

You can create filters using the below syntax to limit cards shown.

GitKraken Boards

Parameters Available

foo - Will match cards containing the string foo in their name.

foo bar - Will match cards containing both the strings foo and bar, in any order, in their name.

"foo bar" - Will match the cards containing the string foo bar in their name.

assignee:keanu / @keanu - Will match cards assigned to the user keanu.

column:done - Will match cards that are in a column named Done.

Note: The column parameter is only available inside of GitKraken Client. It is not available inside of GitKraken Boards.

desc:foo / description:foo - Will match cards containing the string foo in their description. Spaces are supported by using quotes. For example desc:"foo bar".

issue:5 - Will match the card whose GitHub Issue # is 5 on a synced board.

label:feature / #feature - Will match cards that have the Feature label.

milestone:v1 / $v1 - Will match cards that have the v1 milestone.

5/GLO-5 - Will match cards whose card number is 5, or if 5 is in their name.

has:RESOURCE / ?RESOURCE - Will match cards that have at least 1 of the specified resource. The supported values for RESOURCE are:

  • assignee(s)
  • attachment(s)
  • comment(s)
  • desc(ription)
  • duedate
  • label(s)
  • milestone
  • reaction(s)
  • task(s)


Date fields on a card can be tested in various forms using the due/duedate/created/createddate tokens. The supported forms are:

  • due:2020-12-31 - The filter will also attempt to support the user's local format.
  • due:(today|tomorrow|yesterday)
  • due:(this|next|last|prev)(week|month|year)
  • due:(next|last|prev)X(days|weeks|months|years) where X is a number.

You can also add before/after/</<=/>/>= at the start of the target to match date before/after the target.


  • due:<2020-12-31
  • due:after:nextweek.

While queries like due:next2weeks create a relative-to-today range, you can create a custom range by coming the before and after modifiers.


  • due:after:2020-01-01 due:before:2020-01-31.

OR Conditions

The tokens has, assignee, column, desc, issue, label, and milestone (as well as any of their special character versions) support OR conditions if provided with comma separated values.


  • label:Bug,Feature will match cards that have either the label Bug or Feature.
  • column:"To Do","In Progress" will match cards that are in either the To Do or In Progress columns.

Excluding Results

Adding a - to the front of any of the above will cause cards matching that query to be excluded from results.


  • -foo: Will match cards that do not contain the string foo in their name.
  • -has:assignee: Will match cards that do not have an assignee.
  • -@keanu: Will match cards that are not assigned to the user keanu.
  • -label:Bug,Feature: will match cards that do not have either the BUG or Feature label. This is effectively the same as using -label:Bug -label:Feature.

Combining Parameters

All of the above can be used in any combination. Cards will be matched if they meet all of the parameters in the query.


  • foo -bar #feature -has:assignee

Jira Server and Jira Cloud

Jira's documentation can be referenced for creating a filter within GitKraken.