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Importing and Exporting

GitKraken Boards and GitKraken Timelines will sunset at the end of 2022. Please read our full announcement and FAQ to learn more.

GitKraken Boards allows you to import and export boards in CSV format.

Importing a board

To import a CSV file as a board, navigate to the Home page, select CSV from the dropdown, and select Import.

Fill out the Board Name and select a CSV to import. Then, select .

You will then be prompted to invite imported users to the board via email. If a username is provided, you will be prompted to fill out their email. If the email does not have an associated GitKraken account, you will be prompted for a name that can be changed by the user later. If no email is provided, the user will not be invited to the board.

Note: Users who do not have a GitKraken account will be prompted to create one from the invite email. If you are on a Free account importing more than 15 users, you will be prompted to only select 15 users.

Finally, select . While the board is being imported, you can select Go Back to GitKraken Boards.

CSV File

  • The CSV must contain a top row. The accepted fields are Name, Column, Description, Labels, Assignees, Due Date, and Milestone. This is case insensitive.
  • Name is the only required field for the top row and for a card to be imported.
  • Column is the column name. If a column name is not provided, the card will be placed into a newly created column called "Imported Cards".
  • Labels are a comma separated string of label names. Labels will be created and colors will be randomly generated.
  • Assignees are a comma separated string of either usernames or emails.
  • Due Date can be any format that the javascript Date object accepts. Some common formats are MM/DD/YYY, YYYY-MM-DD or MMM DD YYYY.
  • Milestones are the milestone name. Only one milestone is accepted per card.

Example CSV

Click here to download a small example CSV that can get you familiar with the format. You can also export an existing board to see the format.

Exporting a board

To download all active cards from a board into a CSV, navigate to Board Settings, select Export and then Export. You can set the name of the CSV and location. Then select Save.

The fields exported are Name, Column, Description, Labels, Assignees, Due Date, and Milestone.