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Calendar Feeds

GitKraken Boards and GitKraken Timelines has sunset at the end of 2022. The below information and features may be out of date. Please read our full announcement and FAQ to learn more.

Import card due dates into the calendar app of your choice to see your task timetable in birds-eye-view against the rest of your schedule.

Keep track of your task schedule from the palm of your hand with Calendar Feeds.

See what tasks have due dates coming up with Calendar View. Then create a Calendar Feed to view selected cards alongside the rest of your schedule within your personal Google Calendar, iCal, or other calendar service of your choice!

Admin and Owners of a board have the ability to set up Calendar Feeds options for the rest of the board users from within Board Settings.

Once the feature is enabled, each board user has access to create up to 5 Calendar Feeds for that board.

Create calendar feeds

Click Add Calendar Feed to create a new calendar feed.

Give your feed a name, and decide how you'd like to filter which cards are included.

  • Filter by board member provides a drop down of every user included on board. Select yourself, your collaboration partner, or anyone whose tasks you'd like to keep up on. Select as many users as you'd like to include cards assigned to various users on your feed.
  • Filter by label provides a drop down menu of the label options. Choose one or more labels to indicate the categories of cards to include in your feed.
  • Selecting from both filter options will pull cards of the indicated labels that are assigned to the specifed users. Those cards will be added to your calendar feed.

Select to save your specifications.

Adding calendar feeds

Once your Calendar Feed is created, a calendar URL is provided to you.

Select and head over to your calendar app of choice to add your calendar feed.

Embed your feed into your calendar service by navigating out of GitKraken Boards, to your calendar, and adding Other calendars From URL.

Paste your copied URL when prompted and select Add calendar to overlay your task due dates on your schedule.

Calendar feeds display an all-day event within your calendar corresponding to due dates relayed from the cards you filtered while creating the feed.

Selecting the event on your calendar displays the following information:

  • Name of the card
  • Due date associated with card
  • Link to the details panel of said card in GitKraken Boards
  • Label associated with card
  • Name of your calendar feed

Note: Calendar feed URLs are public. Anyone with this URL will be able to import the feed containing card titles, labels, and due dates.

Edit calendar feeds

Make edits to a calendar feed through the Calendar Feeds panel in GitKraken Boards by selecting the feed details.

Here, you can add or remove filters or edit the name. Selecting will update the URL to include your changes.

Note: Calendar refreshing is handled by your calendar service. To see your edits immediately reflected on your calendar, remove the calendar feed from your calendar service and re-import it using the updated URL

Making a due date, card name, or label change to a card associated with a Calendar Feed will not generate a new URL - however if you would like your calendar app to reflect the latest stages of your tasks, opt towards copying the URL from GitKraken Boards again and re-importing the feed into your calendar app.

Remove calendar feeds

Remove your calendar feed in the Calendar Feeds panel in GitKraken Boards by selecting the icon to the left of the feed information and confirming to

This will not delete a feed currently imported into your calendar app. Delete current feeds from within the calendar app to remove them from your schedule.

Note: If an `Admin` or `Owner` disables the calendar feed feature, the calendar feeds already established will not be deleted - though making further changes will be unavailable as all feeds will be disabled.

Calendar feed permissions

Access to Calendar Feeds depend on your permission status within the GitKraken Board. Action access based on permission status is listed below:

Role Permissions View Edit Admin Owner
Enable calendar feed feature
Disable calendar feed feature
Create calendar feed
View, edit, delete own calendar feed
View, edit, delete any calendar feed