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GitHub Pull Requests

Auto-advance cards to different columns, check the PR status, check build status, and more with GitKraken Board's integration with GitHub pull requests.


  • Automatically move GitKraken Boards cards to target column based off pull request status changes
  • Check status (open/closed/merged) of pull requests inside a card
  • Check build status (state/description/context) of pull requests inside a card
  • Link GitKraken Boards cards from a Pull Request description

Note: Pull Request linking and automation should work on GitHub Issue synced GitKraken Boards, but may require additional set-up.

Connect to GitHub

Navigate to gear in upper right, select Pull Requests and then select the repo(s) to connect to GitKraken Boards. This action will create webhooks in the selected GitHub repo(s) that send GitKraken Boards information when Pull Requests are created and updated.

Click the button, login to GitHub, and authorize GitKraken Boards in a method similar to syncing GitHub Issues.

Once you have selected the repo(s), you may then map certain GitHub Pull Request statuses to columns on your board.

Note: You may connect each GitKraken Board to different repositories by opening a different board and repeating the steps above.


Once connected to your GitHub repo(s), you may link GitKraken Boards cards from the Pull Request panel of a given card.

When a Pull Request status changes, it's linked cards will move to the column associated with the new Pull Request status.

Another note: Try clicking on the repo or PR name in GitKraken Boards to open the GitHub repo in a broswer tab.

Click the X icon to unlink the card from a pull request.

You may link any number of GitKraken Boards cards to a Pull Request. To do so from GitHub, edit the pull request description to include a card links.

This will automatically link the GitKraken Boards card to this Pull Request (assuming setup has been completed first).

View build status

If you have CI/CD integration setup with your GitHub repository, you may also review the build status of a given pull request from a GitKraken Boards card.