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GitKraken Boards and GitKraken Timelines will sunset at the end of 2022. Please read our full announcement and FAQ to learn more.

GitKraken Boards' Slack integration connects your boards with your Slack workspace to create a collaborative workflow to manage your projects without leaving Slack.

Synchronize team communication with your project's issue tracking to spark chance interactions and innovations.


  • Display tasks, discuss resolutions, and create new GitKraken Boards tasks all from within Slack
  • Create a GitKraken Boards card from a Slack message on-the-fly in Slack
  • Update card title, description, assignees, labels, and the column of a GitKraken Boards card in Slack
  • Stay connected to your project with Slack notifications when your team @mentions you in a card

Installing GitKraken Boards Slack Integration

To install the GitKraken Boards Slack integration, click the handy button below:

Add to Slack

From the Slack app installation window, review the permissions and click .

You will be redicted to your GitKraken login where you may review access privileges and authorize the application.

After clicking , you will be dropped into Slack - equipped with GitKraken Boards Slack features!

You'll find a message from @GitKraken Boards to help get you started with Slack Integration features.

Copy Link of your card from within your GitKraken Board.

Head on over to Slack and paste the link into a Slack message. This brings your GitKraken Boards card to the very same place your team is already discussing bugs and code review!

Links you post to Slack will unfurl with a card preview image including:

  • Card name
  • Associated labels
  • Assignee(s)
  • Due date
  • Task number and progress bar
  • Milestone
  • Indication of a linked PR

The card description is included in the post, as well as current column association and board name.

Edit Card

Select from the unfurled link to make changes to your card from within Slack.

A modal of the card will allow you to:

  • Edit card Name
  • Edit card Desription
  • Add Labels association by clicking the textbox to populate a list of available labels to select. Remove by selecting the X next to each label name.
  • Add Assignees by clicking the textbox populate a list of members of the board to select. Remove by selecting the X next to the users' name.
  • Advance the card to a new Column by toggling the dropdown arrow for a list of columns associated with your GitKraken Board.

Selecting in the lower righthand corner of the modal will save your changes. Your edits will reflect on your GitKraken Board and in Slack immediately.

View Pull Request

After linking your card to a GitHub Pull Request, click in Slack to be redicted to GitHub to view the PR.

View Card

Selecting on your unfurled card link in Slack will redirect you to your GitKraken Board in a new browser tab.

Your card details panel will be in focus on your board. All changes made from in Slack will immediately reflect on your board.

Create Cards in Slack

/gkb-create command

Using the /gkb-create command creates a card from within Slack.

Call the command by typing /gkb-create [card name].

Sending the command will provide you with a card creation modal to specify Description, Board, and card properties:

  • Card column
  • Associated label(s)
  • Assignee(s) to the card

The button will complete the card creation. The link of the newly created card will unfurl in your current Slack channel.

Create from Slack message

Developer attention is the scarcest resource on the engineering team; make good use of it by creating a GitKraken Boards card directly from a Slack message to address an issue while the conversation is happening.

Access the Message Actions menu of the Slack message that you'd like to write into a card:

  • Hover over the Slack message, click on the Message Actions ellipsis, and select Create a card.
  • The contents of the Slack message will populate as the card's Description. Name the card and Select a Board to add the card to.

Select to add this new card to the relevant column, associated it with labels, and assign collaborators to take on the issue - all without leaving Slack!

Once the card is created, GitKraken Boards will unfurl the card link into the same Slack channel where the message that created the new card originated. Your team will never skip a beat!

If you do NOT see option to Create a card from the Message Action menu, select More message actions from the bottom of the menu to select from the list of actions available in your Slack workspace.

Search Cards in Slack

Using the /gkb-search command allows you to search for cards in Slack and post them to the channel. Call the command by typing /gkb-search [search text].

You can select Next and Previous to search through the cards or Cancel to cancel to search. You can post the card to the channel using Choose.

Aftr the card is posted, there are options to Edit Card and View Card.

This will only return the first 10 cards. If your card is not in the first 10, refine your search for better results.


GitKraken Boards is at your service to send you Slack message notifications whenever you are @mentioned on a GitKraken Boards card.

@mention GitKraken Boards notifications are enabled in Slack by default. To update this preference, use the /gkb-info command in Slack to Update Settings.