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Quick Start

GitKraken Boards and GitKraken Timelines has sunset at the end of 2022. The below information and features may be out of date. Please read our full announcement and FAQ to learn more.

GitKraken Boards is the only issue board for task and issue tracking that is fully integrated with GitKraken Client.

Interface Basics

Create a board

GitKraken Boards allows you to create boards for managing your projects.

From the home screen, you have the option to create an empty board or create a board from a template.

If you choose , the app will then prompt you to type the board name, the card prefix, and add it to any board group or organization.

Note: You can also create new boards from your Dashboard or from the left board panel , or by importing from Trello.

Add columns

Within each GitKraken Board, you can create columns that define the steps in your workflow. To add a step, click , give it a name, and hit .

Quickly drag and drop the columns to rearrange them.

Create a card

With your workflow laid out nicely by the columns, you can now begin adding cards to represent the tasks to be completed during each stage.

Select the column to add a card, and click near to bottom of the the column or located in the upper righthand corner. Type a name for your card, and hit .

Your card will appear above the prompt line, allowing you to quickly create additional cards.

The content of each card can be customized to fit the needs of your task tracking preferences. Check out card features to find how to include additional details such as descriptions, due dates, files and more.

Invite users

Click on the icon to invite users to your board.

Type the user's name to search through existing GitKraken Boards users or type the user's full email address and hit Enter to send the invite.

View invited users by accessing the User panel in the board settings.

Add additional users directly from the users panel.

Learn more about managing invited users and their permissions to your GitKraken Board.

Note: Unless a GitKraken Board privately belongs to an organization, you are free to invite any GitKraken Board user to a collaborate on a board regardless of GitKraken licensing affiliation.

The filter search field at the top of your GitKraken Board allows you to quickly filter your cards.

When text is entered into the search field, the default behavior is to filter based on card name.

Start typing and your search results update with each additional character, and card filters work right there in your search bar.

Get fancy and filter by various features:

Tip: All features can also be filtered by negation. Want to see all cards on the board except ones with a specified field? Use `-` before the filter command in the search bar.

Negation Filter:

Global search allows you to search through all of your cards, boards, and archived items in GitKraken Boards. If you frequently work in multiple boards, this feature will be your new best friend.

Save time by navigating to the MAG GLASS at the top of the UI to globally search, or use keyboard shortcut Cmd/Ctrl + K.

Calendar View

The icon in the upper right will toggle you from the board panel to Calendar View to display your workload across a calendar.

Change background

To customize your board's background, click the Change background button in the bottom right of the UI, or access the option from the for the board.

You may choose a background preset, or enter a link to an image hosted on the web. For the best results, be sure the file URL ends in either .png, .jpg, or .jpeg.

Custom backgrounds are global. All users with access to your board will view the custom background image. Only those with owner or admin status has access to change the background of a board, though any user can opt out of viewing the background by selecting the hide option illustrated below.

Manage Boards

Switch boards

Use the left board panel to view all of your GitKraken Boards boards and select a board to view.

Access the left board panel by clicking the Boards button found at the top of the UI to toggle between boards. Click on the Boards button a second time to hide the panel.

Create a board

Choose to create a board from the left board panel by finding the Create a Board button at the bottom of the panel. Fill in the information prompted from the pop-up.

Give your board a name, associate the board to a Board Group, and assign it to an Organization.

Click to save your information and watch the new board populate in your left board panel.

Create a board group

If you have multiple boards that fall under a related category, elect to create a group to collapse all of the boards under and to maintain a better organized space in your left board panel.

At the bottom of the left board panel, click Create a Board. Give a name to your board group and select to see your newly created group populate into the left board panel.

Add boards into your Board Group by hovering over the board group name to and selecting the + to create a new board. Alternatively, add an existing board to your group by dragging it from its location and dropping it within your board group.


See a birds-eye-view of all boards designated to a board group, including an activity tracker showing card count per column.

From the left board panel, expand the dropdown from any board group to see the Dashboard option. Click Dashboard to see all boards from that group populate as a dashboard where you can quickly see board members, card counts, and activity for each board.

Find the of each board to initiate simple command like edit, duplicate, or delete a board.

You can use filters and sorting options to quickly arrange the boards as you like.

  • Use the filter to restrict by the board name.
  • Order by the name of the boards or to see the most active boards first.
  • Choose which activity you want the chart to display.

Edit or delete boards

Expand the left board panel and navigate to the next to the name of the board you'd like to edit or delete.

Selecting Edit gives option to edit the Board Name or Board Group association.

Board Owner has option to Delete a board, and or Archive a board

Duplicate boards

A board Owner or Admin may duplicate a board by clicking the icon next to the board name in the board list panel.

This option creates an identical copy of a board, including columns, cards, and attachments.

A board Owner or Admin may also grant general users this duplicate board permission in Board Settings.

GitKraken Board Settings

Your GitKraken Boards account is tied to your GitKraken account or your GitHub login, if that's what you use to login to GitKraken Client.

Logging into GitKraken Boards with the same account you use to log in to GitKraken will ensure access to your boards from within GitKraken Client.

Click the user icon in the upper righthand corner to access GitKraken Board Settings.

Profile & Password

Click Profile & Password to update your profile information or change your password.


Set global GitKraken Board notifications to maintain communication with the progress of your workflow. Easy-to-customize options allow you to chose the what, when, and where of your notification preferences.

To receive threaded emails for each card's notifications, enable Email Notifications. Use the drop down menu to set email frequency to 15 minutes or 1 hour depending on your preference.

Looking for more frequent reminders? Enable Mobile and GitKraken Boards will send you push notifications to your mobile device as soon as posssible, every 15 minutes or every hour.

To minimize context switching and keep a streamlined workflow, enable Desktop settings to allow GitKraken Boards to trigger instant Desktop Notifications.

As soon as new information is available on your board, GitKraken Boards will send your browser a pop up so you never skip a beat.

Note: Desktop Notifications only display through your browser - not through GitKraken Client, VSCode plugin, or Atom plugin

Use the radio buttons to indicate the activity you'd like to recieve notifications for:

  • Mentions & card assignments: You will only receive notifcations when a team member @mentions you or assigns you to a card.
  • Basic card changes: If you are assigned to a card, @mentioned, or if a card is moved or commented on, you will recieve notification. Enable For subscribed cards only to limit the scope only to cards you have subscribed to.
  • All card changes: You will receive notifications for activity on any card across your GitKraken Boards. Enable For subscrined cards only to limit the scope only to cards you have subscribed to.

The Notifications preferences set in Glo Settings will apply to all GitKraken Boards unless explicitly specified in Board Settings.

When new notifications are available, an indicator dot will appear next to the in the upper right corner.

Click the to view the notifications.

The notification panel is equal parts flexible and organized. Customize the notification display based on what's most productive for your workflow:

Filter by:

  • Unread: notifications you have not read, as indiciated by a blue circle to the right of the notification, will display on the panel
  • Read notifiications you have read, as indicated by a check-mark to the right of the notification, will display on the panel
  • All: all notifications

Group by:

  • None: notifications will not be grouped. All notification activity from all cards and boards will display chronologically.
  • Board: notifications will grouped by board. All notification activity will display nested under the respective board name.
  • Card: notifications will group by card. All notification activity subscribed to will nest under the respective card name.

To mark an unread notification as read, click on the blue circle. The action is complete once the notification is marked with a check-mark.

Note: Notifications marked as read will be automatically removed after 6 days


The Integrations setting allows you to connect to GitHub to sync your GitHub Issues in GitKraken Boards. Breaking your issues out into columns and cards on your board provides a visual format for tackling your bugs. Learn more about GitHub Integration here.

To integrate your GitHub to GitKraken Boards, simply click .


Click Theme to select between the Dark Theme or the Light Theme, or choose to stick with the default Glo Theme.

Archived boards

Are you finished with a board, but don't feel quite ready to depart with it forever? Use the left panel to archive your board!

Archiving your GitKraken Boards removes it from the left board list panel and stores it inside your GitKraken Board Settings to access as view-only any time.

To make changes to a previously archived board, opt to Unarchive it to return the board to the board view panel.

Alternatively, unarchive your board straight from board view after selecting View Board from a board in your Archived Board list. This will generate a snackbox option to Unarchive Board.

Sign Out

Click Sign Out to log out of GitKraken Boards.