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GitKraken Boards and GitKraken Timelines will sunset at the end of 2022. Please read our full announcement and FAQ to learn more.

GitKraken Boards has a public API that you can utilize to fetch data from boards, interact with cards, and build up powerful integrations.


API calls can be authenticated in one of two ways:

  1. Token in the Authorization header
    • "Authorization": "Bearer 60497d42f112db0e6d59e4754fg7c15d139aa36f"
  2. Token in the access_token query parameter
    • ?access_token=60497d42f112db0e6d59e4754fg7c15d139aa36f

Tokens can either be a Personal Access Token (PAT) or an OAuth Token

Endpoint Documentation

Documentation for endpoints can be found at


For endpoints that can return a list of data, we offer pagination capabilities to control how much data you get back at once.


Name Description
per_page How many results you want returned per page.
page Which page of results you want returned


  • First page of 25 results: ?per_page=25&page=1
  • Results 100-149: ?per_page=50&page=3

Rate Limiting

If you exceed our rate limits, the API will reject your request and return a 429 Too Many Requests.


Our limits are within a sliding time window:

  • 10 requests per second
  • 2,500 requests per hour