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Personal Access Tokens (PATs)

Personal Access Tokens (PATs) are a great way to quickly create a scoped token that you can use to call our API.

Generating a PAT

To create a PAT, visit the PATs tab.

  1. Click Create a new PAT
  2. Enter in the information into the form
    • Name is for your reference only
    • Scopes grant different levels of access to your various data types.
  3. Click Create PAT
  4. You now have credentials that can be used to make calls to our API
    • This is the only time you can see the PAT, so make sure you have saved it before leaving this page.
    • The PAT is sensitive information that you should protect accordingly. If you need to, we provide an easy way to delete the PAT.

Asking a user to generate a PAT

If you're developing an app that requires a PAT, link users directly to the new PAT page. You can pre-fill the values of certain fields for your users' convenience by attaching the appropriate query parameters.


Query Parameters

Name Type Description
name string A name for the PAT
scope string Comma or space delimited list of scopes.

Delete a PAT

In case you want to invalidate a PAT, visit the list of PATs on our account site, delete and confirm deletion. This will immediately and irreversibly revoke access to our API for that specific PAT.