After installing GitKraken Enterprise, you are ready to configure the Enterprise Server.

  1. Browse to your GitKraken Enterprise server:

  2. Select Browse for license file and browse to the the license file that was provided to you with the GitKraken Enterprise installation files. Once selected, the license file will show you the details of your license:

  3. Provide the Hostname URL that your users will use to access the GitKraken Enterprise site:

  4. Set the SMTP server IP address or hostname, the SMTP port, and the From Address. If your SMTP server needs a secure connection, check the box for secure protocols and provide the username and password, if needed. The test connection button will allow you to verify the connection information is accurate:

  5. The admin account will server as the owner of your organization for account management purposes:

  6. Configuration is complete! You should now be at the 'Manage Users' screen where you can begin adding users to GitKraken Enterprise.

  7. To add a user click on the Add user button and provide the email address of the user:

  8. By default, users can create an account themselves from the GitKraken Enterprise site. If you don't want to allow this functionality you can click the Registration tab on the left.