Card Features

GitKraken Glo cards represent the tasks that need to be completed on your Glo board. Below you can explore all of the features available or quick dive to a specific topic.

Quick Dive:


Write a description of the Glo card that explains the task to your board members. When a description is added to a card, the icon will appear.

Add a description

Click on a Glo card to open the card details view. Type your description and hit .

Click and drag the bottom right corner to expand the Description field.

Edit description

Hover over the description and click .

Finish editing and hit .


You can use labels to categorize your Glo cards or visually represent intermediate actions.

Click on Add/Remove Labels to choose an existing label or click on the icon to create a new one.

Create a label

Type a name for your label, select a color, and hit

Edit a label

Click to edit a label.

Finish editing and hit

Delete a label

Click .

Click to confirm the deletion.


Comments are displayed at the bottom of the card details view. When the first comment is added to the card, the icon will appear.

Add a comment

To add a comment, type your comment in the Comments field and hit .

Click and drag the bottom right corner of the comment field to expand it.

Edit a comment

Hover over the comment and click to edit a comment.

Finish your edits and hit .

Delete a comment

Hover over the comment and click the .

Click to confirm the deletion.


Attach files to Glo cards to provide quick references for your team. When the first attachment is added to a card, the icon will appear.

Add an attachment

Drag an attachment directly onto the card, the Description, or the Comments field. The file will be inserted using Markdown at the active cursor position.

To browse for an attachment on your computer, click at the bottom of the Description or Comments field.

You can also drag and drop directly onto Glo cards from the board view to quickly add attachments to multiple cards.

Delete an attachment

Remove the markdown for an attachment and update the field to delete the attachment from the Glo card.


Assign users to a Glo card to distribute work to your team. When you assign a user to a card, their avatar will appear in the bottom right corner.

Assign a user

Click to quickly assign yourself to the Glo card.

Start typing a user's name or click the dropdown to choose a user to assign to the card.

A checkmark will denote the users assigned to the card and their avatar will show up beneath the Assignees field.

Unassign a user

Click on an assignee to unassign them. The checkmark should go away when they are no longer assigned to that card.


The activity feed is a way to see the recent updates to a Glo card. The following events should appear in activity:

  • Card creation
  • Comments (full text)
    • Displayed in-line with activity when showing all activity
  • Updates to title (full text)
  • Updates to description (timestamp only)
  • Addition/Removal of labels
  • Addition/Removal Tasks (shown as description update)
  • Assigned/Unassigned users

Click to view the activity feed.


Tasks can be used to create an epic Glo card that has multiple components that need to be completed.

When a task is added, you will see task count on the card.

Add a task


Name the task and hit

You can check off the tasks as they are completed. The list of tasks will show up under tasks, as well as in the description field.

Edit a task

Tasks can be edited by updating the markdown for the tasks in the description field.

Hover over the description field and click the icon

Update the task in the description and click

Delete a task

Tasks can be deleted by removing the markdown lines in the description field.

Hover over the description field and click the icon

Delete the task lines in the description and click


Notifications are enabled for a Glo board by default, but only for cards that you create or are assigned to.

Subscribe to a card

Click the button to enable notifications for a card.

Unsubscribe from a card

Click the button to disable notifications for a card.

View notifications

When new notifications are available, a blue dot will appear next to the icon in the upper right corner.

Click the icon to view the notifications.

Manage notifications

Notifications are board specific, so you have the option to be notified:

  • Never: You won't receive any notifications for this board
  • On cards I am subscribed to: You will receive notifications for activity on cards you are subscribed or assigned to on this board
  • On all cards: You will receive notifications for activity on any card on this board

To set your board specific notification settings, click the profile dropdown in the upper right and select Notifications.

Choose the desired notification level for the current board or quickly switch between boards using the dropdown.


The search field at the top of your Glo board allows you to quickly filter your cards.

Name filters

When text is entered into the search field, the default behavior is to filter based on the card name.

Assignee filters

Click on a user's avatar to show the cards assigned to that user.

Click the assignee avatar to initiate the filter from within a card.

Label filters

Label filters can be applied from the Labels menu in the settings panel.

Click the icon and select Labels.

Click labels in the list to filter by those labels.

When a label is selected, the icon will appear on that label.

You can also type # followed by the label name to manually filter from the search bar.