GitHub Sync

Syncing your GitHub Issues in Glo lets you break issues out into columns and visualize them in Glo.

What gets synced from GitHub?

  • GitHub Issues
  • Assignees
  • Description
  • Comments
  • Labels

Connect to GitHub

The button is available from the bottom of the left Boards panel in Glo.

You can also connect to GitHub from the Integrations section of the User Options menu.

Click the button, login to GitHub, and authorize Glo.

Your GitHub account should now be connected to Glo!

Create a Synced Board

Open the Boards panel and click on the button.

Search for the GitHub repo issue board you wish to sync.

Glo has a max syncing limit of 1,000 issues. If you have repos with 1,000+ issues you wish to sync, consider first archiving older issues in GitHub.

Note: You must be an administrator for the GitHub repo to create the initial synced board. The repo name will be grayed out with a lock icon if you don't have administrator permissions on that repo.

IMPORTANT: If you don't see your repo in the list search, your organization needs to grant permissions for GitKraken and Glo in GitHub.

Click the button to confirm that you wish to sync this board with Glo.

GitHub synced boards will be indicated by the GitHub logo to the left of the board name.

Important: Glo's GitHub Sync relies on a repo webhook created during the sync set up. Please do not modify or remove this webhook as this will cause the GitHub sync to fail.

Managing Synced Boards

When you first sync a board, you will start out with just one column in Glo. However from here you can create more columns and build out the workflow for your issues.

From here, new issues added to GitHub will now sync to Glo.

Conversely, new cards added to Glo will also be synced to GitHub. You may need to refresh GitHub to see the new issue.

Type the GitHub issue number in the search field to quickly find corresponding card.

Also, if you ever want to jump to the GitHub issue from Glo, click on this icon to access the link:


Any milestones that you create in Github Issues will be added to Glo, and any milestones you create in Glo will be respected in Github (you will need to refresh GitHub to view any changes).