Glo's Slack integration allows you to connect your boards with your Slack workspace, which will help you manage your projects from within Slack.


  • Card links unfurl into card previews
  • Create cards directly from Slack with the /createcard command
  • Edit card labels and assignees on card previews
  • Move cards to different columns on card previews

Installing Glo Boards Slack Integration

To install the Glo Boards Slack integration, click on the handy button below.

Add to Slack

From the Slack app installation window, review the permissions and click .

This redirects to your GitKraken login where you may review permissions and authorize the application. After clicking , you will be redirected to Slack and can utilize all Glo Slack features!

Slack Integration Features

Links you post to Slack will unfurl with a card preview image.

On card previews you can:

  • Click the card name or button to see the card in Glo
  • Toggle labels on the card with the Labels dropdown
  • Toggle assignees on the card with the Assignees dropdown
  • Move the card to a column with the Column dropdown

Create cards in Slack

By using the /createcard slash command, you can create a Glo card from Slack.

After calling the command by typing /createcard {card name}, set the board and column.

Once you have selected a board and column, hit the button to create your card and have a link of it posted in your current Slack channel.