Start Glo-ing

GitKraken Glo is the only incandescent issue board for task and issue tracking that is fully integrated with GitKraken. It's easy to get started; so let's glo!

Interface Basics

Create a board

GitKraken Glo allows you to create Glo boards that you can use to manage your projects.

You have the option to create an empty board or create a starter board.

Choosing to create an empty board will drop you into a board with no columns:

Choosing to create a starter board will start you off with some default columns:

Name your Glo board by clicking on the current board name.

Add columns

Within each Glo board, you can create columns that define the steps in your workflow. To add a step, click , give it a name, and hit .

Quickly drag and drop the columns to rearrange them.

Create a card

With your workflow laid out nicely by the columns, you can now begin adding Glo cards to represent the tasks to be completed during each stage.

Select the column to add a card, and click near to bottom of the the column or located in the upper righthand corner. Type a name for your card, and hit .

Your card will appear above the prompt line, allowing you to quickly create additional cards.

The content of each card can be customized to fit the needs of your task tracking preferences. Check out card features to find how to include additional details such as descriptions, due dates, files and more.

Invite users

Click on the icon to invite users to your Glo board.

Type the user's name to search through existing GitKraken and Glo users or type the user's full email address and hit Enter to send the invite.

View invited users by accessing the User panel in the board settings.

Add additional users directly from the users panel.

Manage invites

Click the icon to the right of the user name to manage their permissions.

Click the icon to remove the user from the board.

Role Permissions View Edit Admin Owner
View Card
Add Card
Edit Card
Move Card
Archive Card
Delete Card
Add Comment
Edit Comment
Delete Own Comment
Delete Any Comment
Add Column
Rename Column
Move Column
Archive Column
Role Permissions continued View Edit Admin Owner
Delete Column
Add Board Label
Edit Board Label
Delete Board Label
Add Board User
Remove Board User
Edit User Role
Rename Board
Archive Board
Delete Board
Change Board Owner

Switch boards

Use the board list panel to view all of your Glo boards and select a board to view. Access the board list panel by clicking the Boards button found at the top of the UI to toggle between Glo boards. Click on the Boards button a second time to hide the panel.

Change background

To customize your Glo board's background, click the Change background button in the bottom right of the UI, or access the option from the for the board.

You may choose a background preset, or enter a link to an image hosted on the web. For the best results, be sure the file URL ends in either .png, .jpg, or .jpeg.

Custom backgrounds are global. All users with access to your board will view the custom background image. Only those with owner or admin status has access to change the background of a board, though any user can opt out of viewing the background by selecting the hide option illustrated below.

Account settings

Your Glo account is tied to your GitKraken account or your GitHub login, if that's what you use to login to GitKraken.

Logging into Glo with the same account you use to log in to GitKraken will ensure access to your Glo boards from within GitKraken.

Click the user dropdown to access your account settings.

Profile & Password

Click Profile & Password to update your profile information or change your password.


Set board specific notifcations to maintain communication with the progress of your workflow. Customized options allow you to chose the what, when, and where of your notification preferences.

Use the drop down menu to select a Glo board, and indicate the activity you'd like to receive notifications for:

  • Mentions only: You will only receive notifcations when a team member @mentions you on this board.
  • On cards I am subscribed to: If you are assigned to a card or if you specifically choose to suscribe to one, you will recieve notifications whenever that card experiences activity.
  • On all cards: You will receive notifications for activity on any card on this board

When new notifications are available, an indicator dot will appear next to the in the upper right corner.

Click the to view the notifications.

To recieve reminders of your unread notifications, set email frequency to 15 minutes or 1 hour depending on your preference.

Need more frequent reminders? Glo will send you push notifications every 2 minutes or every hour through the mobile app.


The Integrations setting allows you to connect to GitHub to sync your GitHub Issues in Glo. Breaking your issues out into columns and cards on your Glo board provides a visual format for tackling your bugs. Learn more about GitHub Integration here.

To integrate your GitHub to Glo boards, simply click .


Click Theme to select between the Dark Theme or the Light Theme, or choose to stick with the default Glo Theme.

Archived boards

Are you finished with a board, but don't feel quite ready to depart with it forever? Archive your board!

Archiving your Glo board removes it from the board list panel and stores it inside your account settings to access as view-only any time. To make changes to a previously archived board, opt to Unarchive it to return the board to the board view panel.

Sign Out

Click Sign Out to log out of Glo.