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Start Glo-ing

GitKraken Glo is the only incandescent issue board for task and issue tracking that is fully integrated with GitKraken. It's easy to get started; so let's glo!

Create a board

GitKraken Glo allows you to create Glo boards that you can use to manage your projects.

You have the option to create an empty board or create a starter board.

Choosing to create an empty board will drop you into a board with no columns:

Choosing to create a starter board will start you off with some default columns:

Name your Glo board by clicking on the current board name.

Within each Glo board, you can create columns that define the steps in your workflow.

Add Columns

Click , give it a name, and hit .

Quickly drag and drop columns to rearrange them.


You can now begin adding Glo cards for tasks that need to be completed.

Add a card

Click or , type a name for your card, and hit .

Your card will appear above, so you can quickly enter the name of your next card.

Edit a card

Click on a card to add additional details.

Invite Users

Click on the icon to invite users to your Glo board.

Type the user's name to search through existing GitKraken and Glo users or type the user's full email address and hit Enter to send the invite.

The invited users will appear in the Users panel below.

Add additional users directly from the users panel.

Manage Invites

Click the icon to manage their permissions.

Click the icon to remove the user from the board.

Role Permissions View Edit Admin Owner
View Card
Add Card
Edit Card
Move Card
Archive Card
Delete Card
Add Comment
Edit Comment
Delete Own Comment
Delete Any Comment
Add Column
Rename Column
Move Column
Archive Column
Role Permissions continued View Edit Admin Owner
Delete Column
Add Board Label
Edit Board Label
Delete Board Label
Add Board User
Remove Board User
Edit User Role
Rename Board
Archive Board
Delete Board
Change Board Owner

Board Settings

Click the icon to access board settings.


Labels give you the ability to categorize your Glo cards or visually represent intermediate actions.

Type a name for your label, select a color, and hit

Add labels

To add labels to a card, open the card and click the Labels field. Select the label or start typing the name to filter the list.

The chosen label will appear below the dropdown and will now be visible on the board.

Board Activity

Board activity tracks the following board actions:

  • Card activity
  • Cards actions
    • Moving between Columns
    • Renaming
    • Archiving
    • Deleting

Account settings

Your Glo account is tied to your GitKraken account or your GitHub login, if that's what you use to login to GitKraken.

Logging into Glo with the same account you use to log in to GitKraken will ensure that you are able to access your Glo boards from within GitKraken.

Click the user dropdown to access your account settings.


Set the email interval for Glo to send you your unread notifications.

The rest of the notifications settings are board specific, so you have the option to be notified:

  • Never: You won't receive any notifications for this board
  • On cards I am subscribed to: You will receive notifications for activity on cards you are subscribed or assigned to on this board
  • On all cards: You will receive notifications for activity on any card on this board

Choose the desired notification level for the current board or quickly switch between boards using the dropdown.

Where to Glo

Now that we know how to Glo, let's focus on where to Glo!

Directly in GitKraken

Access Glo directly in GitKraken from the toolbar.

To return to the graph, click in the upper right.

Through a browser

Navigate to to access Glo in your favorite browser.

Sign in with GitHub or your GitKraken credentials and start glo-ing!

Atom plugin

Access Glo within Atom using the Atom plugin.

  • In Atom, go to Preferences > Install
  • Search for gitkraken-glo and install

  • Click the Glo link to open Glo in a new Atom tab and log in using your GitKraken credentials

  • Atom is now ready to Glo!

VSCode plugin

Access Glo within VSCode using the VSCode plugin.

Install the plugin by following using either of these two options.

Option 1

Option 2

  • In VSCode, click on the Extensions icon and search for Glo
  • Click to Install then click to Reload

  • You will now see the Glo button in the lower left corner

  • Click Glo to open the Glo tab and log in with your GitKraken account credentials

  • VSCode is now ready to Glo!


Access Glo on the go using your mobile device.


You can install the Glo mobile app directly from the App Store.

Sign in using GitHub or your GitKraken account credentials, choose your board, and git glo-ing!


You can install the Glo mobile app directly from the Google Play Store.

Sign in using GitHub or your GitKraken account credentials, choose your board, and git glo-ing!