Where to Glo

GitKraken Glo can be accessed directly in GitKraken, through a browser, or through integrations for Atom and VSCode.

Directly in GitKraken

Access Glo directly in GitKraken from the toolbar.

To return to the graph, click in the upper right.

Through a browser

Navigate to app.gitkraken.com/glo/ to access Glo in your favorite browser.

Sign in with GitHub or your GitKraken credentials and start glo-ing!

Atom plugin

Access Glo within Atom using the Atom plugin.

  • In Atom, go to Preferences > Install
  • Search for gitkraken-glo and install

  • Click the Glo link to open Glo in a new Atom tab and log in using your GitKraken credentials

  • Atom is now ready to Glo!

VSCode plugin

Access Glo within VSCode using the VSCode plugin.

Install the plugin by following using either of these two options.

Option 1

Option 2

  • In VSCode, click on the Extensions icon and search for Glo
  • Click to Install then click to Reload

  • You will now see the Glo button in the lower left corner

  • Click Glo to open the Glo tab and log in with your GitKraken account credentials

  • VSCode is now ready to Glo!