GitKraken Glo is the only incandescent issue board for task and issue tracking that is fully integrated with GitKraken. It's easy to get started; so let's glo!

Default board

GitKraken allows you to set a default Glo board from this dropdown menu.

This will allow you to immediately open this default Glo board when you click the Glo button.

Each repo can have its own default Glo board, so be sure to give this a try!

Associate issues to Pull Requests

Link Glo cards to pull requests in GitKraken to automate issue mananagement after setting up GitHub pull request integration on your Glo board.

Associating a Glo card to a pull request is easy; simply search for the Glo card name while creating a pull request.

In Glo, the card details panel will populate with the pull request information created in GitKraken.

Remove Glo from the toolbar

To remove Glo from the toolbar navigate to Preferences UI Preferences and uncheck Show Glo button in toolbar.

Learn more about Glo.