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Common Errors

Integration - Error 1002 or 1003

When attempting to connect to one of our integrations, you may see Error 1002 or Error 1003.


This is a general authentication error. First, verify you used the correct credentials then try one of the following potential solutions:

  • If your credentials are correct, you can try signing out of the service in your default browser first, and then attempting the authentication from GitKraken again.

  • Clear your browser cache, sign out of the git hosting service, then restart GitKraken Git GUI and try again.

  • If that is not working you can also try changing your operating system default browser to be a different browser. Once this is changed you can restart GitKraken and attempt to authenticate again.

If that still does not work, please contact our support team and we can troubleshoot further.

GitLab Integration - Error 1005

When attempting to connect to your GitLab account, you may see Error 1005.


Try connecting again. This error is caused by the GitLab API servers not responding in time, which can happen at peak usage times during the day. If you continue trying, the connection should eventually succeed.

Error when pushing a branch

When attempting to push a branch, you may see the following Push Failed error:


This usually indicates that there is a casing difference between the local branch and the upstream remote branch. You can rename the local branch to match the casing of the upstream remote branch, which will allow you to push the changes.

Note: You may need an intermediate name change to get the branch named correctly. For example: Test-branch > temp-name > test-branch

Cannot log in - Cannot read property 'email' of null

When trying to log in, you may see the following error: Cannot read property 'email' of null. This is commonly related to a network issue such as a proxy, firewall, or security application. The most common occurrence is something like Zscaler.


If you have any of the above in place try the following:

  • Sign in with GitHub authentication
  • Approve the GitKraken application
  • Continue as free with 0 days
  • Click on free icon in bottom right, this brings up a web page inside GitKraken which authenticates against Zscaler
  • Restart GitKraken and authenticate normally

This should allow you to log in without issue. If that still does not work, please contact our support team and we can troubleshoot further.