Fuzzy Finder

The Fuzzy Finder is a faster way to access GitKraken’s actions.

Use the Fuzzy Finder to open repositories, history for files in the current repository, and settings.

"The Fuzzy Finder is the unsung GitKraken feature, but I use it ALL the time."

-Anonymous GitKraken Developer

To open Fuzzy Finder, use keyboard shortcut ⌘ | CtrlP and begin typing. Here are the supported commands:


  • Close Repository
  • Open Repo
  • Open in file manager
  • Open in External Diff/Merge Tool
  • Open in terminal
  • Repo Management: Clone
  • Repo Management: Init
  • Repo Management: Open


  • Configure Git Flow
  • Configure LFS
  • Initialize LFS on this repo
  • Manage Account
  • Settings
  • Switch to Profile + profile name


  • Decrease Zoom
  • Increase Zoom
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Reset Zoom
  • Toggle Left Panel


  • Blame + filename
  • History + filename
  • Search Commits + message/sha/author

Use the Fuzzy Finder to perform actions that modify your current repository.

As you type, the Fuzzy Finder will find the most relevant commands, allowing you to perform many actions without clicking.


  • Redo
  • Undo


  • Create File + filename
  • Delete File + filename
  • Discard all changes
  • Edit File + filename
  • Stage all changes
  • Unstage all changes


  • Stash: Apply
  • Stash: Create
  • Stash: Pop


  • Create a Branch
  • Create Tag
  • Fetch All
  • Pull
  • Push
  • Rename Branch
  • Start Pull Request
  • View Working Directory Changes


  • Checkout + {branch name}