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GitKraken Boards and GitKraken Timelines has sunset at the end of 2022. The below information and features may be out of date. Please read our full announcement and FAQ to learn more.

GitKraken Timelines are designed to show major milestones on a continuous line that represents time.

Each milestone is associated with a date and can include goals/tasks, links, and an image.

Create Timeline

GitKraken Timelines can be created and shared across every department in your company. If you're a new user, you may click to get started.

If you already have a timeline, you may click to create a new timeline. When you create a timeline, make sure to also select a color.

You can also copy the timeline link, edit, or delete a timeline by selecting the ellipsis icon that appears on hover in the left panel.

Timeline Settings

To access the timeline settings, select the gear icon .

If you would like to submit a public timeline to our Public Directory, check Submit Timeline to Public Directory and save your settings.


Build out your timeline by adding milestones. You may add milestones by clicking the button or bulk add milestones by selecting dropdown menu option.

Alternatively, hover your mouse over the time line to add a milestone.

As you add milestones, GitKraken Timelines automagically adjusts your timeline to view all the milestones.

Edit Milestones

You can edit or delete a milestone by selecting the ellipsis icon on the milestone.

When editing an existing milestone's Date, you will have the option to move all milestones after, forward or backward, by the number of days moved.

Add Images

To add an image cover to a milestone, click on a milestone. Then you may either click to browse to an image, or drag and drop an image file.

You also have an option to set this image as a background to your milestone. This means the milestone text will layer over the image.

Milestone Items

Each milestone can have links and any number of milestone items. To add a milestone item, first click on a milestone.

You may then enter items from the Add Milestone Items section, and then click Add Item to nest the item under the milestone. Additionally, you may click the 🔗 icon to add a link to this milestone item.

Be sure to hit to save your changes.

A link will then become available on the timeline by the milestone item.

To view a hyperlink, click into a milestone and then click on the 🔗 icon.

And to remove a hyperlink, click on the Remove option.

Embed Youtube videos

Click to edit a milestone by selecting the ellipsis icon on the milestone. Then click the 🔗 icon to paste a Youtube link.

Once you save, click any thumbnail to start watching!


GitKraken Timelines has the ability to combine different timelines into the same view.

To add on timelines, click on the box icon in front of the timeline name:

Each timeline maintains its color so you may see which milestone is from which timeline.

Combine as many timelines as you wish to get the context you need. If you then wish to save a view, click this icon to create a view:

Here you may name the view and decide whether set the view to Make Public.

If you turn on the public setting, this will create a public, sharable, and read-only URL for others to view your saved timeline. This makes it easy to show others the history or future of a given project.

Adjust the Zoom

The legend in the upper right corner allows you to zoom the time scale in or out. You may then slide the timeline to a given frame of time. To adjust the milestone size, select the text size icon.

Add Collaborators

Any user with a GitKraken Timelines Pro license or GitKraken Pro Suite license AND belongs to the same organization may be added as a collborator to a timeline. A user with a Pro license from a separate organization or subscription cannot be added as a collaborator.

To add a collaborator, click the people icon and type the name or email address of the user.

Note, you may only add collaborators with 1 timeline selected. The option will remain greyed out if you have more than one timeline enabled.

Share Timelines

To access the share options, select the share icon .

If the timeline is private, only collaborators can access the timeline and it cannot be embedded. You can set it to public by selecting Change Visability and then setting the Visability to Public.

Public Timelines

You can grab the sharable link to a timeline here.

Embed Timelines

You can embed this timeline by copying and pasting this bit of code into your website's code.

Toggle Fullscreen Mode

To toggle fullscreen mode, select the expand icon .


Annotations allow you to label a region of time to highlight a special period of time. To add an anotation, select + Create Annotation. You can give the annotation a Title, select the color, and specify the date range. Click the annotation to edit or delete it.

Manage Account

You can manage your account or sign out of GitKraken Timelines by selecting your profile in the top left in GitKraken Client.