How to Buy

Here's how to purchase your GitKraken subscription.

Do you work in an air-gapped network? Or looking for an option that does not require account creation? Then check out our GitKraken Stand-Alone solution.

1. Create an account

If you are purchasing GitKraken, first create an account.

If you are buying the subscription on behalf of an organization, don't worry. Gitkraken Pro allows you to hand over the ownership of the account to another user.

GitKraken Pro also supports the ability to add a user that Does not use a license. This is perfect for people who don't need to use GitKraken, but wish to remain as the billing contact.

If you don't have an account yet, register your account first.

Note: Check your email to verify your account registration. You will not be able to manage your organization until this step is complete.

2. Choose a plan

After account creation, choose your plan. Select the corresponding tab to choose your plan.

If you need to come back to this page later, navigate directly to, or click Manage Account from the user menu dropdown in-app when ready.

3. Enter billing

Next, enter the billing information.

Note: GitKraken Pro only accepts credit card payment. Invoicing is not available for any subscriptions or upgrades.

4. Add Users

If you purchased GitKraken Individual, then you may skip this step.

After purchase, add users to your subscription! All GitKraken Pro users need GitKraken licenses and here is how to bestow a license:

Allocating Licenses

  1. Under Organization [Your organization name] , click
  2. Enter the user email address
  3. Select the user role
  4. Click
  5. Celebrate

If users are new to GitKraken, they will receive an email invitation with a link to activate their account.

Any user you add who already has a GitKraken account, will automatically be upgraded to Pro. Just make sure the email address you add is the same one they have associated to their GitKraken account.

If a user does not see the red Pro icon in the bottom right, have them login again.

Additionally, you can set up an admin user in GitKraken who Does not use a license.

Tip: Questions about upgrading your plan or an order? Contact our Success or Accounting teams as needed!