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Trello Importer

GitKraken Boards and GitKraken Timelines has sunset at the end of 2022. The below information and features may be out of date. Please read our full announcement and FAQ to learn more.

From the home screen, click the Import button to begin the OAuth connection with your Trello account.

Hit Allow to complete the connection.

Note: Any Trello member with View permissions may import a Trello board as a GitKraken Board.

Select fields to import

GitKraken Boards will then present this modal where you may choose which Trello board to import as a brand new GitKraken Board.

Trello Fields

The following Trello fields correspond to these GitKraken Boards fields:

Trello GitKraken Boards
Title Name
Description Description
Attachments Attachments
Checklists Task Lists
Comments Comments
Cover Images Cover Images
Due Dates Due Dates
Labels Labels
Members Users

Invite members

Once you select the fields, you have the added option of inviting the Trello board members to your new GitKraken board.

This will send an email invitation to the specified recipients, and grant them access to the new GitKraken Board.

Start import

Once you start the import, your screen will update and show this load screen. You may choose to either wait for the import to finish, or return to your other GitKraken Boards in the meantime.

If you return to GitKraken Boards, you will be notified in-app when the import is complete.