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Create teams within your organization to easily manage groups of users.

Note: Teams is only available with Pro or Enteprise Cloud.

Create a Team

As an Owner or Admin of an organization, you have the ability to create teams and assign users to them. Log in to your account, select the organization you would like to modify, and then select Teams.

Click the button and enter in the name of the team.

Add or Remove Members

Upon naming the new team, you may then immediately add members. If you need to edit an existing team, click on the team to add and remove members.

Add Team Avatar

When you create a new team, or edit an existing team as the Owner or Admin, you may click to add an image as a team avatar.

The maximum icon size is 512px by 512px.

Delete Team

You can delete a team with the button.

Note: Use caution as deleting the team will remove the team and all of the members of the team from the GitKraken Boards they are on.

Teams in GitKraken Git GUI

The Team View in the GitKraken Git GUI allows you to see what branches and files members of your organization are currently working on. This is helpful for avoiding and collaborating on merge conflicts.

Team View in GitKraken Git GUI

Teams in GitKraken Boards

Adding Teams

When adding users to a board, you can choose to add a team to add all users in that team to the board. First, you will need to associate the board to an organization. You can do this by clicking the gear icon and selecting General > Organization. Then select the board to finish the association of the board to the organization:

Now when you go to add users, you can also choose to add teams instead:

Users added/removed from a Team will automatically add/remove that user from all boards associated to that team.

Removing Teams

To remove a team from a GitKraken Board simply click the X icon and confirm the removal.

Note: Removing a team from a board will remove all members of that team from the board, even if they were added seperately. This does not apply to board owners.