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LFS Features & interface

I updated to v3.0.0 of GitKraken but I cannot find LFS anywhere?

You will need to make sure you have Git v1.8.5 and LFS v2.0.0 installed on your local machine.

I switched repos and now I do not see the LFS BETA button. Where did it go?

It is most likely that you have switched to a repository that does not have LFS initialized. If you wish to initialize this repo with LFS, you can do so by navigating to the hamburger menu → LFS → Initialize LFS on this repo.

I added a LFS tracking pattern in GitKraken but files with that pattern are not being tracked by LFS, what gives?

Only new files will be tracked by the newly added pattern. If files of the newly added pattern are already being tracked by Git, you will need to untrack them and then re-track them.

The easiest way to do this in GitKraken is to remove the files from the repository (Git will think they have been removed/deleted), commit, then re-add the files and re-commit. The re-added files should now follow your new tracking pattern.

After trying to push my files, I see a prompt requiring my credentials. What credentials is it referring to?

This prompt occurs if your LFS server credentials are not cached. If you are using the same remote hosting service (such as GitHub), then enter the hosting service credentials.

If you are using an internal LFS server (or another LFS service), you will need to enter the credentials for the LFS server.

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