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Performance Issues

We're always on a quest to streamline the git experience as well as improve the performance of GitKraken. If you're experiencing slow perfomance, it can often be remedied using one of the troubleshooting steps below.

Improving Performance

Perfomance issues in GitKraken are often related to a specific repository. Some large or complex repositories with many references may cause GitKraken to slow down.

How to troubleshoot slow performance

  • Perform a git gc on the repository.

  • Take a fresh clone of the repository to a new local directory.

Additional troubleshooting steps

Send us your repository statistics

Still experiencing performance issues? Then help us improve the app by sending GitKraken Support your repository statistics.

To get repo statistics, consider running Git-sizer. Once Git-sizer is installed, run git-sizer --verbose to get information about your repo.

Copy/paste the results into a text document and email it to