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GitKraken Client 8.x

Behold the evolution of GitKraken Client! Find out what’s new, what’s fixed, or just take a trip down memory lane with a nostalgic swagger, remembering those bugs of yesterday.

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Version 8.2.1

Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Everyone needs elbow room.

Improvements 🙌

  • The Workspaces tab can now be closed to save space in the tabs bar while not in use. A small icon has been added to quickly reopen the tab when needed.

Version 8.2.0

Monday, December 13th, 2021

Get ready for a multiverse bending reveal! We are unleashing the cosmic power of GitKraken Workspaces with the release of GitKraken Client v8.2!

New ✨

We have helped users progress and seen them accomplish wonders.

Introducing GitKraken Workspaces

GitKraken Workspaces save teams time by providing an easy way to group repositories, take actions against multiple repositories at once, and quickly onboard new team members.

GitKraken Workspaces allow you to gather and access all the required repos for your project in a single tab in GitKraken Client. The new GitKraken Workspaces tab shows you the status for the last branch that you checked out, how far ahead and/or behind in commits you are, and if there is an active WIP for each included repository.

GitKraken Workspaces can be created as Personal, only visible to you, or Shared, visible to all members of your Organization.

  • Users can access GitKraken Workspaces from the new “Workspaces” tab in the tabs bar, from the New Tab view, from the command palette, which can be opened with the keyboard shortcut cmd/ctrl + p, or from the newly added repository breadcrumb in any Repo Tab.

  • Users can view details and trigger the following actions on any or all of the repositories in a workspace at once:

    • Clone multiple repositories at once. This will help teams quickly onboard a new team member or get a new computer up and running.
    • View the last checked out branch for all repositories and see if a branch is ahead/behind a remote.
    • View work in progress for all repositories, including the number of files modified, added, renamed, or deleted.
    • Perform a fetch for all or a selection of repositories.
    • Open multiple repos in GitKraken Client, or in an external editor, such as VS Code, IntelliJ, Atom, or Sublime Text.
    • Open any repository in the associated hosting service website.
  • GitKraken Workspaces can currently contain repositories hosted on,, or


  • Users may now create their own custom GitKraken Client themes.

    • For more information about creating a new custom theme, checkout our Themes documentation or navigate to gitkraken/themes/
  • Users will find two new themes when navigating to PreferencesUI Customization menu.

  • Users can now sync their GitKraken theme with their system theme, if their OS supports it.

Activity status:

  • An activity status will now display on the avatars of members in your GitKraken Organization or Team, indicating if they are actively using GitKraken Client. This activity status icon is visible in the Team View section in the Left Panel, or in the Organization view in Preferences.

  • Users can manually set their status to “Active” or “Away” by selecting the circle icon in the top right corner, or by opening the Profile/Account dropdown menu.

GitKraken Workspaces and Activity status are currently unavailable for Self-Hosted and Stand-Alone customers.

Improvements 🙌

When you love something, you improve it.

  • GitKraken CLI:

    • Users can now customize the behavior of the ↹ Tab key when using auto-complete in a Terminal Tab. This setting can be found under Preferences Terminal Tab Behavior.
    • Users can customize the cursor used in a Terminal Tab. This can be configured in Preferences TerminalCursor Style. Users can select either Block, Underline or Bar for their cursor.
    • Auto-complete suggestions will now show branches and tags as options when running git diff or git reset commands.
    • The gk diff command now supports tags and branches as options.
    • Auto-complete suggestions have been added for npm and yarn.
  • When users open the pull request panel and click on a pull request while the left panel is minimized, GitKraken Client will now open the pull request view.

Bug Fixes 🐛

We came here years ago to protect users from these bugs.

  • When using the GitKraken CLI, suggestions will disappear as expected after auto-completing a command with escaped characters in the path.

  • After using GitKraken Client to execute a cherry-pick and resolving any arising conflicts, the Git CLI will no longer report that a cherry-pick is currently active.

  • When creating a pull request in a repository with a large number of forks, users will no longer have to wait as all forks are being fetched before opening the dropdown menu.

Version 8.1.1

Tuesday, November 9th, 2021

Get ready to celebrate the release of GitKraken Client v8.1.1 with these puns you can tell next time you are hanging out at the ol' foo bar. If you don't get these jokes, whoami to judge?

Improvements 🙌

Sudon't want to miss out on these new improvements.

  • GitKraken CLI Preview:

    • GitKraken CLI users can now use git help to display help information about using Git.
    • Windows users will now see an auto-suggest option for the cd command.
    • Users changing directories in a Terminal Tab will see auto-suggest options showing the end of the folder path rather than just the beginning. This is useful when long directory names are present.
  • Users can choose from more Keif options for their avatars when creating or editing their Profiles.

Bug Fixes 🐛

There are only 10 kinds of bugs: the ones we have fixed and the ones that we have not identified yet.

  • GitKraken CLI Preview:

    • Improved Terminal Tab support for custom fonts, such as Nerd Fonts and Powerline fonts.
    • Users leveraging oh-my-posh in Powershell using custom themes will now see and be able to select auto-suggest options.
    • Users can now resize the commit panel in a Terminal Tab.
    • All Mac users are now able to use the gk commands.
    • Windows users leveraging “Constrained” language mode in Powershell can now execute gk commands.
    • Users can now resize the merge editor tool as expected when the visualization panel is positioned to the left or right in a Terminal tab.
  • When working with GitHub and GitLab wiki repos, GitKraken Client will no longer throw an error message about being unable to fetch pull requests.

  • If a user checks out a commit while in Solo mode, they will now see the HEAD reference displayed.
  • Users fetching GitHub pull requests will no longer see timeouts.

Stand-Alone & Self-Hosted 🏢

There is no place like ~

  • The GitKraken CLI Preview is now available for Self-Hosted and Stand-Alone customers.

Version 8.1.0

Thursday, October 14th, 2021

Autumn brings sweaters, pumpkin spice, and apple picking. It is also bringing some awesome updates to GitKraken Client as we release v8.1.0!

New ✨

The seasons continue to change and so does GitKraken Client...for the better!

  • GitKraken Client can now identify weak SSH keys and provide an easy way to remove and replace them. Read more on the GitKraken blog.

Improvements 🙌

It's the time of year to reap the harvest of new improvements to the GitKraken Git client.

  • GitKraken CLI:

    • GitKraken CLI users can now use reverse search as expected by typing Ctrl+R in the terminal.
    • Mac users will now see the LANG environment variable pass automatically to the shell process.
    • When selecting an auto-suggest option with the mouse, GitKraken Client will now refocus on the terminal prompt.
    • The GitKraken CLI now supports 256 colors.
    • Mac and Linux users will now see auto-complete suggestions for the cd command.
    • When running gk blame or gk history, users will now see suggestions when navigating from inside a repository's subdirectory after typing ../.
    • Users will now see auto-suggest options for the git gc command.
    • In addition to showing or hiding the visualization panel, users can now orient it to the top, bottom, left, or right, as well as toggle the right-side commit panel using the visualization panel toolbar.
  • The user interface for user profile settings under the [Preferences] menu has been improved.

  • Users can now open specific comments on from the comments inside GitKraken Client's pull request or issue views.
  • Users who are not using GitKraken Integrations will no longer be repeatedly prompted for credentials for each remote when connected to repositories with multiple remotes sharing the same hostname.

Bug Fixes 🐛

As the leaves fall, so do these bugs.

  • The overall reliability of notification delivery has been improved.
  • Auto-complete for Windows users leveraging the GitKraken CLI has been improved.
  • Windows users will no longer see a Named Pipes error when running gk commands in a terminal tab.
  • Using gk diff in the GitKraken CLI will produce properly parsed numerical SHAs.
  • When discarding a large number of files in a repository, the repo will fully load as expected.

Version 8.0.1

Tuesday, September 28th, 2021

Everyone: “I am loving v8.”
GitKraken: “Let’s make the experience even better!”

Improvements 🙌

  • GitKraken Client users can now search for a particular tab and navigate the menu using the keyboard when using the tab dropdown menu.

Bug Fixes 🐛

  • Replaced the SSH key generation library with one that generates stronger keys. Read more on the GitKraken blog.
  • Gitflow branch folders and tag folders collapse and expand as expected when selected in the left panel in GitKraken Client.
  • Layout and options have been optimized in the Organization panel in GitKraken Client's Preference view.

Version 8.0.0

Tuesday, September 21st, 2021

"It began with the forging of the Great Rings Kraken."

The true power of the Fellowship of developer collaboration is unleashed in GitKraken Client's v8.0!

New ✨

“One tool to rule them all,
One tool to find them,
One tool to bring them all
and in the Git log bind them.”

Introducing the GitKraken CLI Preview

The GitKraken CLI adds a Git-enhanced, keyboard-driven, terminal experience to GitKraken Client. Get the powerful Git visualizations GitKraken Client is known for—like the commit graph—in the context of a Terminal Tab. Plus auto-suggest and auto-complete for Git commands to help you drive (and learn) Git faster, with fewer mistakes.

Dive deeper into file changes with the gk commands. Use the command gk history to see File History and gk blame to see what has changed in a file or commit and who made those changes.

During the GitKraken CLI Preview we are looking for feedback to help improve this feature. Please use the Feedback form linked in the bottom right corner of your GitKraken Client app, or email us at

  • Users can open Terminal Tabs in a number of ways:

    • Clicking the "New Terminal Tab" button after opening a New tab in GitKraken Client.
    • From the "Terminal" button in the toolbar of a Repo tab (opens the current repo in a Terminal Tab).
    • From the Command Palette (Ctrl/Cmd + P).
    • When working in a Terminal Tab, you can open a new Terminal Tab with the key combination Ctrl/Cmd + T. The new Terminal Tab will open in the same working directory.
  • Auto-complete and auto-suggest make building Git commands easier than ever before in the GitKraken CLI. This feature works for users of PowerShell for Windows, ZSH and Bash for Mac/Linux.

    • Auto-complete and auto-suggest are configured for the most common Git commands, but we are continuing to build out this feature and would love feedback on which commands and parameters you want added.
    • Please be aware that other auto-complete programs could potentially cause the GitKraken CLI auto-complete to stop working. You may need to uninstall or disable those other programs to use this feature.
    • Note: If you switch shells, you'll need to set the new shell as default in your operating system settings and restart your computer for auto-complete to continue working as expected.
  • Some of the legendary Git visualizations that GitKraken Client is known for are also accessible within Terminal Tabs. To quickly view the commit graph, file diff, history, and blame view, simply type these commands:

    • gk panel: toggles the visualization panel on or off. You can also reposition the panel to the top, bottom, left, or right by adding those parameters to the command. For example gk panel right moves the panel to the right of the screen.
    • gk graph: shows the graph view. While this command has similar behavior to gk panel, even allowing repositioning of the graph with the same top, bottom, left, or right parameters, this command also returns to the graph if you're in a different view and has subcommands for toggling the graph columns with the keyboard.
    • gk history and gk blame: open the history or blame panel for a specified file.
    • gk diff: shows changes between commits. If no commit SHAs are provided, it will use your WIP and HEAD. If only one commit SHA is provided, it will be compared with HEAD.
    • gk --help: shows the list of available gk commands. You can also use --help on a specific gk command to see its arguments.
    • A toolbar above the panel will display the current repository name, branch, tag, and the number of changes pending to be pulled and/or pushed. Clicking this toolbar will toggle the panel on or off.
    • For Free accounts, this visualization panel will only be accessible within publicly-hosted repositories.
  • A Terminal section has been added to the Preferences menu that allows Terminal Tab customization:

    • Font choice. Changes to this setting will only apply to new Terminal Tabs.
    • Font size.
    • Enable auto-complete & auto-suggest.
    • Default the visualization panel position when opening a new panel: top, right, bottom, or left.
    • Show the visualization panel by default. This will apply only when opening new tabs.
    • Terminal theme.

The GitKraken CLI Preview is currently unavailable for Self-Hosted and Stand-Alone customers.

Deep Linking

"Oh, it’s quite simple. If you are a friend, you speak the password, click the link, and the doors will open."

We've added the ability to share deep links to specific remote repositories, commits, branches, and tags in GitKraken Client. This allows users to more easily collaborate and save time when working in issue queues or Git pull requests.

  • When shared, these links will both open and focus GitKraken Client to the linked repository. The links will focus GitKraken Client on the commit, branch, or tag specified. When specifying a branch, the latest commit of that branch will be focused.
  • The links can be found in GitKraken Client's context menus under Copy link to remote/commit/branch/tag.

Jira App Integration - Git Integration for Jira

"It’s the Jira ticket that’s never started that takes the longest to finish."

GitKraken Client now works with the Git Integration for Jira app to allow quick navigation between the client and Jira when viewing commits and file diffs related to Jira issues.

  • In GitKraken Client, you’ll find buttons and links to open the following in Git Integration for Jira:

    • File diffs - within the file diff view and in file context menus.
    • Commits - context menu when right-clicking commits in the graph.
  • In the Git Integration for Jira, anywhere you view commits and diffs will automatically have links to open them in GitKraken Client.

  • To leverage GitKraken’s Git Integration for Jira integration you will need to:

    • Connect Jira Cloud Integration in the GitKraken Git Client.
    • Select Jira Cloud as the Issue Tracker for a repository.
    • Select a Jira Project.
    • Install Git Integration for Jira on the same Jira Cloud instance as the Jira Project.

Improvements 🙌

"Even the smallest update can change the course of history."

  • The Fuzzy Finder is now the Command Palette!
    • We've renamed the Fuzzy Finder to the Command Palette. You can still open the command palette through the keyboard shortcut Ctrl/Cmd + P, or through the new magic wand icon in the toolbar.
  • Tab navigation has been significantly improved when many tabs are open at once.
    • We have improved the tooltips to provide both tab title and repo information.
    • Tooltips will now instantly appear when hovering the entire tab, not just the title.
    • A new dropdown list has been added to the tabs bar to help with tab navigation.
  • Reopening tabs after a “close all tabs to the right”, a “reopen closed tab” will now reopen only one tab at a time, instead of all that were closed at once.
  • An option to “Quote Reply” has been added for comments in the PR view.
  • The profile menu now shows the Organization associated with the current profile.
  • A “Cancel Rebase” button has been added at the top right of the Interactive Rebase panel for easier access.
  • We have improved form, prompt, and modal keyboard navigation and submission.
  • Improved user experience for the login form.

Bug Fixes 🐛

"You (bugs) shall not pass!"

  • Styling of long branch names in the right panel has been improved.
  • Users will no longer see issues for remotes without access to a repo, as happens when users leave an organization or when forks are deleted.
  • When using the delete key to erase spaces in a URL, the cursor will behave as expected.
  • The Pull Request icon has been added back to branch labels in the graph.
  • The bottom of Diff views are no longer cut off when the file mode changes.
  • Relative paths are now allowed in hooksPath.
  • All users are now able to select a project for GitLab and GitLab-Self-Managed issues on the left panel.
  • If Sublime Text 4 is installed, it will now be detected and appear in the external editor dropdown.
  • Debouncing has been added in the left panel search. Searches will be executed when you stop typing, instead of on each letter, making it easier to find what you’re looking for.