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GitKraken Git GUI 7.x

Behold the evolution of GitKraken! Find out what’s new, what’s fixed, or just take a trip down memory lane with a nostalgic swagger, remembering those bugs of yesterday.

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Version 7.0.0

Wednesday, May 20th, 2020

Introducing version 7 of the GitKraken Git GUI: The Best Way to Jira.

New ✨

Got issues? Keep them in Jira! Now you’ll have no issues tracking your issues because you can stay in the GitKraken Git GUI. New integrations for Jira Issue Boards and GitKraken Boards make it possible to resolve and manage issues directly from the GitKraken Git GUI.

  • GitKraken Git GUI now integrates with the following issue trackers:
    • Jira (Cloud & Self-Hosted)
    • GitKraken Boards
  • After setting up the integration, users will be able to do the following from the GitKraken Git GUI:
    • View and filter a list of project issues
    • View issue details
    • Create branches that are tied to an issue
    • Add comments*
    • Edit the status/column of an issue*
    • Edit the assignee of an issue*
    • Create new issues*

Features denotated with * are paid features for Jira integration and free for GitKraken Boards integration.

  • Users can now open repositories inside of the following text editors via the Fuzzy Finder, menu, or keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + E):
    • VS Code
    • Atom
    • Sublime
    • IntelliJ
  • Local repositories without a remote setup now include an option to create a remote and push local changes.

Improvements 🙌

You’ve still got issues, but at least your favorite Git GUI is still improving...

  • When creating a GitHub pull request in the GitKraken Git GUI, users can now search for reviewers and assignees by name or username.
  • The text color in a commit description will change when the placeholder text has been replaced.
  • Users now have the ability to rename remotes.
  • ed25519 and ecdsa SSH key pairs are now supported.
  • For Windows users: the Open with GitKraken menu option will now open a new tab inside of the GitKraken Git GUI instead of a new window.
  • Pull request links can now be copied through the context menu.

Bug Fixes 🐛

We take issue with bugs...

  • The From Repo drop-down menu will populate results when opening a pull request.
  • Users can successfully initialize a repository on a Bitbucket server from the GitKraken Git GUI.
  • For Windows users: the Open in File Manager menu option, keyboard shortcut, and Fuzzy Finder action now work as intended.

Snapcraft 🐧

  • For Snap users: the snap for the GitKraken Git GUI has been moved to the classic confinement! Before updating to v7.0.0 of GitKraken, please install the snap with the --classic flag.