Keyboard Shortcuts

We know keyboard shortcuts help get things done faster, and here’s a handy list of the shortcuts currently supported by GitKraken.

Open list of keyboard shortcuts

  Mac Windows/Linux
Open keyboard shortcuts / Ctrl/


  Mac Windows/Linux
Toggle Fullscreen Mode ControlF
Increase Zoom =
Decrease Zoom Ctrl
Reset zoom 0 Ctrl0
Show or hide the left panel \ Ctrl\
Focus the search bar F CtrlF
Focus the left panel filter bar OptionF CtrlAltF
Toggle Fuzzy Finder P CtrlP
Close the current panel (if one is open) Esc Esc
Open current repo in terminal OptionT AltT
Open current repo in File Manager O CtrlO
Open diff or merge tool D CtrlD


  Mac Windows/Linux
Select next commit in graph J or J or
Select previous commit in graph K or K or
Select first commit in graph CtrlHOME
Select last commit in graph CtrlEND


  Mac Windows/Linux
Stage the current file S S
Stage all files ShiftS CtrlShiftS
Unstage the current file U U
Unstage all files ShiftU CtrlShiftU
Commit staged files with current message Enter CtrlEnter
Stage all files and commit with current message ShiftEnter CtrlShiftEnter

I Just Made a Huge Mistake

  Mac Windows/Linux
Undo Z CtrlZ
Redo Y