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GitKraken users with Pro and Enterprise Cloud accounts can use teams to group users within an organization.

Only owners, Admins, and Billing Contacts have the ability to manage teams. Other users in the organization will be able to view this section.

Managing an Organization

To manage the organization, navigate to Preferences and select your organization.

Under the Members section you may s to your organization and use the search bar to search for members by name, username, or email.

You may edit a users role or removed the user from the organization by selecting the on the user.

If you do not have extra licenses while inviting a member, you will be prompted to purchase an additional license.

Managing a Team

You may create a team from the icon.

You may delete a team by selecting the team and selecting the icon.

You may rename a team by double clicking the team name.

Managing Users in a Team

To add a user to a team, select the team and then select . Users can be removed from a team by selecting the on the user.

Suggested Members

GitKraken will suggest users that contribute to the current repository that are not in your organization. You may the member to your organization to help future collaboration.