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GitKraken Timelines Release Notes

Behold the evolution of GitKraken Timelines! Find out what’s new, what’s fixed, or just take a trip down memory lane with a nostalgic swagger, remembering those bugs of yesterday.

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Update - 5/20/2020

We’re back at it with new features for GitKraken Timelines, but we might need your help with the finishing touches. πŸ‘©β€πŸŽ¨πŸŽ¨

New ✨

  • Users now have the ability to add custom colors for timelines, milestones, and annotations. 🌈
  • The auto-advance timing and looping settings can be adjusted in presentation mode.

Bug Fixes πŸ›

  • Watermarks will disappear when text is entered into fields on Firefox.
  • A milestone’s individual color will display correctly before the timeline has been saved if the user does not have a GitKraken - Timelines account or is not signed in.
  • Dates prior to 1883 will no longer be adjusted by one day.

Update - 5/7/2020

You will have a blast playing around with these new features and improvements to GitKraken Timelines.

New ✨

  • A ▢️ Play option has been added to presentation mode so users can view milestones in consecutive order without having to click the Next or Previous buttons.

  • Users can now adjust the size of milestones and annotations.

Improved πŸ™Œ

  • Individual colors are now supported for Views.
  • Views can now be embedded.

Update - 4/22/2020

We’re cleaning up GitKraken Timelines with some legendary improvements, and sanitizing away a few bugs, with our latest release.

Improved πŸ™Œ

  • The sidebar now shows menu options for Timelines and Views.

  • Views are now organized as their own section in the left panel.

  • A menu option has been added to the top of the sidebar to Manage Account and Sign Out.

Bug Fixes πŸ›

  • Users with view role no longer are able to edit annotations.

  • Users can now save changes when editing an existing view while the view is open.

  • Existing presentation mode will no longer deselect any previously selected timelines, or adjust your previously set zoom range.

Update - 4/10/2020

Good grief! We just Can’t. Stop. improving GitKraken Timelines. πŸ˜…

Improvements πŸ™Œ

Ahhh these improvements feel good man.

  • The timeline header panel has been updated. The panel is now listed horizontally at the top of the timeline and takes up less of the display frame.
  • We have added a role option when adding teams to a timeline.
  • The Settings and Share pages have been converted to modals.

Bug Fixes πŸ›

Good riddance! ✌️

  • Annotations and Milestones are now syncing properly.

Update - 4/6/2020

Our last Timelines release seems like it was just yesterday, but we expedited some additional improvements to make your experience even better. ⏭

Improved πŸ™Œ

  • Adding collaborators to a timeline no longer requires double confirmation.

  • When creating a new timeline, a color is now preselected so a user can type in the name and hit Enter to save the timeline.

  • Users can now type the name for a Milestone or Annotation and hit Enter to save.

  • The numbers for milestone positions are now formatted the same way as position markers in compact-short form (i.e. 1,000,000 -> 1M).

  • AD and BC suffixes have been added to Milestones and can be accessed and edited when creating a new milestone and in the timeline’s settings.

Bug Fixes πŸ›

  • The link used to invite a new collaborator via email now directs the invited user correctly to the timeline.

Update - 4/2/2020

Time flies as fast as Sonic in a spin; sometimes it can be hard to keep things straight. The latest updates to GitKraken Timelines provide even more context, and color, to your favorite planning tool.

New ✨

And you don’t have to cash in any gold rings…

  • Users can now add annotations that display in the footer of a timeline. Click the + Annotation button in the bottom right of the UI to add an annotation title, choose a color, and select a start and end date for your annotation.
  • Users can choose to set integers for milestones, rather than dates. This setting is timeline specific and can be accessed either during the initial timeline setup, or in the timeline’s settings.

Improved πŸ™Œ

Even more beautiful than Green Hills. πŸ’š

  • Individual colors are now supported for milestones. 🌈