Interactive Rebase

Learn how to rewrite your commit history with interactive rebase in GitKraken.

Initiating Interactive Rebase

To initiate interactive rebase, drag and drop one branch onto another branch or right-click the target branch and select Interactive Rebase.

Right-click on any parent commit to see the interactive rebase option. However, please note that interactive rebase is not available for merge commits.

Note: If you start the interactive rebase with GitKraken you must finish the rebase with GitKraken.

Commit Actions


Pick takes the commits from one branch and places them onto the last commit of another branch.


When selecting reword you will see the Reword commit message modal open. Here you can edit the summary and description of your commit.


When you squash you are taking the child commit and in turn writting that commit to the parent commit. In order for squash to be an option there will have to be a parent child relationship.


Drop removes the commit from the branch, completes rebase and rewrites the commit graph.

Keyboard Shortcuts and Reset

Use keyboard shortcuts Pick, Squash, Reword and Drop to perform commit actions. If you wish to start over, click .