Pull Requests

A Pull Request (sometimes called Merge Requests), is a review request. You are asking someone to check the changes on a branch before merging into another branch.

Creating a Pull Request

If connected to a remote on GitHub or BitBucket, create pull requests by dragging and dropping one branch to another and selecting Start a pull request.

Alternatively, try right-clicking the target branch and selecting Start a pull request.

Or click the in the Pull Requests section on the left panel, and select the repo and branch to create the pull request.

For other hosted repos like GitLab and Visual Studio Team Services, you can create a pull/merge request from their websites.

Note: Because Pull Requests occur in the remote, first push your branch before creating the request.

GitKraken displays active pull requests in your graph with this icon. If the branch changes look good after review, you or a reviewer may merge the branch.

However if there are outstanding questions or comments, users can leave a comment on the pull request.

If other changes are required, make the change to your code, and then commit and push to your existing branch. Updating your branch updates the Pull Request too.

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