1. A playground game where you try to avoid the person who's it.
  2. A bookmark to a particular point in the Git history.
  3. The sprays in Overwatch that no one uses.

Tags are pointers to a commit. Some examples of these are for marking versions of your product or important changes.

Adding tags

To create a new tag in GitKraken, right click on the commit you'd like to tag, and select Create tag here at the bottom.

Tags are created locally, but available for remotes by right clicking the tag and selecting to push the tag to the remote.

Double click a tag in the left panel to jump to when the tag was added. Tags can also be hidden and soloed just like branches from the right click menu.

Moving Tags

To move a tag to the branch HEAD, checkout the new branch, right click the tag, and select fast-forward.

If a tag cannot be fast-forwarded, you can delete and then add a new one. Be sure to delete the tag on remote as well.

Tag messages

Create annotated tags by right clicking the tag and selecting Annotate tag. This message will be displayed when hovering over the tag in the left panel, or in the graph.