Manage Account

Whether an individual on a personal license, or an owner managing multiple teams across organizations, learn how to manage your GitKraken account(s), subscription(s), and organization(s).


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Trial Activation

To start a free 7-day trial of GitKraken Pro, first download GitKraken and install the application. Launch GitKraken and the app will automatically present the trial option.

If you dismiss this initial trial prompt, you may access the trial by clicking the link located on the bottom of the application.

You may also start a trial by clicking this menu icon:

Learn more about GitKraken Pro.

Note: Limit 1 trial period per account.

We only offer trials of GitKraken Pro. If you wish to trial GitKraken Individual, consider using the Pro trial for your evaluation.


The Organizations section shows your organization(s). Click on an organization to manage the Users, Teams, and Subscriptions.

To access your account and manage your organization(s), navigate to, or click Manage Account from the user menu dropdown in GitKraken.

Once you log into your account, click Organization [Your organization name] to add users.


Subsriptions can be added to an organization by clicking the tab.

Once a subscription is added to the organization owner or admin roles may add users to the account using their email address (see Manage Users section below).


There are three roles for a GitKraken user within an organization's account:

  • Owner: God-mode privileges. No one but the owner can remove the owner
  • Admin: Add or edit users plus manage billing
  • User: General user

Manage Users

GitKraken Pro users need GitKraken licenses. Here is how you add and edit user licenses:

Allocating Licenses

  1. Under Organization [Your organization name] , click
  2. Enter the user email address
  3. Select the user role
  4. Click
  5. Celebrate

Additionally, you can set up an admin user in GitKraken who Does not use a license. This should be splendid news to your billing person who wants zero computering in GitKraken.

Do you have questions about upgrading your plan or an order? Contact our Success or Accounting teams as needed!

Buying more licenses

First log into and click through to Organization [Your organization name] Subscription.

Increase the user count and then complete the purchase. User upgrades are always prorated to your billing cycle.

Do you have questions about upgrading your plan or an order? Contact our Success or Accounting teams as needed!

Removing Users

To remove a user and free up a license, click Delete next to the user on the list followed by for confirmation.

Billing Information

Review billing information at any time from the account.

Editing Billing

To edit your billing, first log in as an Admin or the Owner and click Organization [Your organization name].

Click Subscription to update the subscription. From here you may select to change your card details.

Looking for receipts or payment history?

Each billing cycle, our accounting system will send the owner listed a subscription a receipt for record keeping. The account site does not currently display billing history but please email for additional copies.


If you are positively set on cancelling, first log into your GitKraken account as the Admin or Owner and click Organization [Your organization name].

You may then Cancel Subscription from the lower left corner.