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Self-Signed Certificates

GitKraken's remote hosting platform integrations may require users to have a certificate in place. Here is how to add these certificates to your local certificate store.

Adding a Self-Signed Certificate

Self-signed certificates must be added to your trusted root directory before GitKraken will recognize the cert. This can be done through your operating system or you may add them via Google Chrome.

Using Google Chrome

An easy way to install a certificate so that GitKraken can use it is via Google Chrome.

In Chrome go to Settings from the menu in the top right.

Then navigate to Privacy & Security Security:

Scroll down and then click Manage certificates. This will open a certificate import wizard dialog box, where you can click import. Follow the instructions in the wizard to browse to your certificate file and complete the installation.

If you need to generate and export a self-signed certificate as well, check out this Wikihow article.

Note: SSL settings in the global .gitconfig file are not honored by GitKraken.

Operating system guides

Please reference these guides for adding your certificate in your operating system.

Windows Microsoft Docs
OSX Apple Docs
Linux Ubuntu Docs