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Team View

The Team View allows you to see what branches and files members of your organization are currently working on. This is helpful for avoiding and collaborating on merge conflicts.

Note: Team View is only available for users in an organization. See the Teams page for more information on managing teams.

Team View

You may select any team you are a part of in the Team dropdown. Additionally, from Preferences > Team you have the option to select the team for the repository as well as Use this as the default for all repositories.

For each team member you can see the branch they currently have checked out and the files that they currently have local, uncommitted changes in. Branches are indicated below in white and files are indicated below in blue.

Additional lines to their files will be shown in green and lines removed will be shown in red. When you have local, uncommitted changes in the same file as another team member, there will be a icon on that file indicating there can be potential conflicts.

Opt Out

You may opt out of team sharing by toggling Share work-in-progress status with my team under Preferences > General .