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Purchasing FAQ

Can I mix and match GitKraken Git GUI, GitKraken Boards, and GitKraken Timelines licenses?

No, it is currently not possible to purchase different license counts for each product.

The best way to access the paid features of all products is through the GitKraken Pro Suite.

Can I transfer account ownership?

Yes. If you are the Owner of a GitKraken Pro account, then you may transfer ownership to a different user from your account.

Note: Account ownership transfer is a GitKraken Pro feature and is not supported for GitKraken Individual licenses. To transfer account ownership, upgrade to GitKraken Pro.

Are licenses transferable to other users?

Yes. You can reallocate a GitKraken Pro license to a different user at any time by managing your subscription.

Note: Transferring licenses is a GitKraken Pro feature and is not supported for GitKraken Individual licenses. To transfer a license to another user, upgrade to GitKraken Pro.

Do I need a license to manage users?

A licensed Owner or Admin may manage other Admin or general users. However, the unlicensed Billing Contact role may view the users list and add or remove general users.

The User role does not have permission to allocate, edit or remove users.

Note: License management is a GitKraken Pro feature and is not supported for GitKraken Individual licenses.

Can I pay with PayPal?

No. GitKraken Pro and GitKraken Individual only supports credit card payment.

Can I pay using a Purchase Order.

We only accept credit card payments for GitKraken Pro and GitKraken Individual. We do however accept purchase orders for GitKraken Enterprise or Stand-Alone.

When are invoices sent when I purchase a paid license?

Invoice copies are emailed to the purchaser from immediately upon purchase.

I'm just a single-user using GitKraken Pro. What do I put for the Organization/Company field?

Enter a value of your choice. Most use "Personal" or "Self."

I just purchased a license. Where is my key? Shouldn't I get emailed a license?

While GitKraken is a downloadable client, there is no key for your account. All GitKraken Pro and GitKraken Individual licenses are managed from Additionally, any users you add to your account will be emailed a link to activate their account automatically.

Can I use my paid GitKraken license on more than one computer?

Yes, your paid GitKraken subscription is associated with your email address, not a specific computer. So you can use GitKraken Pro on as many computers as you'd like!

What happens to my GitKraken Git GUI when my license expires?

For Pro and Individual licenses, your GitKraken Git GUI client will revert to the free version when the paid license expires. You will not lose any data, but the client will not open any private repos and you will only retain access to 1 profile.

If using the GitKraken Stand-Alone client, the client will lock upon license expiration until an updated license file is applied.

What if I am a reseller?

Resellers may purchase GitKraken Pro licenses on behalf of an end-user. Please check out our Reseller Guide for specific reseller purchasing instructions.