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GitKraken Workspaces allow you to create easily accessible groups of repositories, take action across multiple repos, view details about their state at a glace, and share them with your team.

Note: Workspaces can contain repositories hosted on,, and To create a Workspace, the integration must be connected under Preferences > Integrations.

Create a workspace

To create a Workspace, navigate to the Workspaces tab. If this is your first time creating one, select . Otherwise, select .

You can give the Workspace a name, icon, description, and make it personal or shared with your organization. Under Add repositories, select which hosting service these repositories will be from. If you have not connected the integration, selecting that service will take you to the integration connection. Finally, select the desired repositories for the workspace and then .

Edit a workspace

Edit a workspace by selecting the ellipsis icon by the Workspace name.

Multi-repository actions

All repositories in a Workspace can be cloned, fetched, or opened at once, making it easy to get a new member of your team onboarded quickly or keep repository information up-to-date. Repositories can be effortlessly opened in GitKraken, in your default editor, or on their hosting service.

To perform an action on multiple repositories, select the check box next to the repository name and then select the desired action from the options at the top.

Repository statuses

Workspaces expose the state of all repositories so you can see the last checked-out branch, how many commits are ahead or behind the remote, and your work in progress with counts of modified added, deleted, and renamed files.

Workspace type

Shared Workspaces will be available for members within your organization. This helps ensure that everyone is up-to-date on the same set of repositories and allows new team members to onboard quickly by cloning all repositories in a Workspace at once.

Personal Workspaces are only accessible by you on this machine.

Workspace breadcrumb in toolbar

The option to remove the Workspace breadcrumb in the toolbar can be toggled under Preferences > UI Customization > Show Workspace breadcrumb in toolbar.