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Navigate to Preferences to customize your GitKraken Git GUI experience. Here are what each of the major sections do.



Set the number of minutes between auto-fetches. This value must be between 0 and 60 minutes, and it will fetch all visible remotes for the repository. Setting the value to 0 minutes will disable auto-fetch.

If you’re experiencing issues with performance, consider setting your auto-fetch value to 0 and restarting the application.


Removes any remote-tracking references that no longer exist on the remote.

External Merge Tool

This is where you may set your preferred external merge tool.

External Diff Tool

There is where you may set your preferred external diff tool.

External Editor

You may open a repo in your preferred external editor program using the Fuzzy Finder. Supported editors include:

  • VS Code
  • Atom
  • Sublime
  • IntelliJ

Delete ".orig" files

GitKraken Git GUI will make .orig files during a merge. If turned off, these before and after files will not be automatically deleted.

Default Terminal

You may open the current repo folder in terminal by navigating to File Open Terminal or use the keyboard shortcuts opt + T (Mac) / alt + T (Windows + Linux).

Set your preferred terminal from this preference option for this action.

Use Custom Terminal Command

Enables the option to specify a custom command to open a terminal window.

For example, to set up GitKraken Git GUI to open Powershell 7, use the command start "" "C:\Program Files\PowerShell\7\pwsh.exe" -noexit -command "cd %d"

Show All Commits in Graph

Enabling this option will force GitKraken Git GUI to always show all commits in repo. This setting may cause performance issues with large repositories.

Max Commits in Graph

Set the max number of commits GitKraken Git GUI will show in the graph. Lower counts may help improve performance, and the minimum value is 2000 commits.

Remember tabs

This will remember open tabs when you quit GitKraken. This option will also remember what tabs you have open for each profile.

Send usage data about GitKraken to Axosoft

This option sends Axosoft general information about feature usage, like the Jira integration, LFS, Gitflow, etc.

Repo data is NEVER sent to Axosoft.

Send bug reports about GitKraken to Axosoft

Allows for Axosoft to track crash reports and improve the GitKraken Git GUI.

Longpaths (Windows Only)

By default, Windows only supports file paths less than 260 characters. Enabling this option allows GitKraken to work with repositories and file paths that exceed 260 characters.

AutoCRLF (Windows Only)

Enabling this option auto-converts CRLF line endings into LF when adding a file to index, and vice versa when checking out code onto your file system. For more information check out:

Use extended logging in activity log

Provides more information for the activity log. You may access the activity log from Help Support Logs Activity Logs.


GitKraken Git GUI uses profiles to store your app preferences, current Tabs, and Git config information.

Learn more about Profiles


GitKraken Git GUI supports HTTPS and SSH authentication, and provides useful integrations with many Git hosting services. Here's how to get started.

UI Preferences

The following UI preferences are available:

  • Theme
  • Notification location
  • Show toolbar icon labels
  • Enable spell checking
  • Display author initials instead of avatars (Gravatar)
  • Show GitKraken Boards button in toolbar
  • Show GitKraken Timelines in toolbar

GPG Preferences

Learn more about how to configure GPG signing in GitKraken Git GUI.

Editor Preferences

Customize the following settings for your GitKraken Git GUI editor and diff:

  • Font
  • Font size
  • Tab size
  • End of line character
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Show line numbers
  • Word wrap

Repo-Specific Preferences

Repo-Specific preferences only apply to the repo currently open in GitKraken Git GUI. The following preferences are repo-specific:

You may configure unique repo-specific settings for each repo.